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Online Blackjack Tips


When playing online blackjack, the house's advantage, depending on game variation, is usually under 7%. In order to keep that advantage from increasing, the player needs to play a near perfect game of blackjack. For that to happen, they need to understand the rules. Our online blackjack tips are designed to help you better understand the rules of basic blackjack and hopefully achieve a higher level of success while playing.

  1. Read the Rules - Each online casino offers as many as 10 variations of blackjack. Common variations include "Surrender Blackjack," Spanish Blackjack," "Double Exposure Blackjack," "Bonus Blackjack" and standard "Blackjack. In each case, the rules are going to vary, which alters the house's advantage one way or the other. You need to understand which set of rules you are playing under in order to make the proper decisions.
  2. Familiarize Yourself With the Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart - This particular chart offers advice on how to play every hand based on the cards dealt. It has been prepared by experts who understand the mathematical probabilities of each situation. Therefore, each suggestion should be considered the "correct" way to play the hand.
  3. Practice - Quite a few sites offer free play options for blackjack. You should take advantage of these opportunities in order to get a feel for how each casino's rules impact the game. This is especially important when playing unique variations. For example, Double Exposure Blackjack is played with both of the dealer's cards face-up. The obvious advantage to the player is the option to keep hitting in hopes of catching the right card while the dealer sits with a solid 17-20. The big disadvantage is that blackjacks only pays 1-1 instead of 1.5-1. When you factor in these two rule changes, the houses advantage actually increases ever so slightly.
  4. Situational Rules of Thumb - The following rules are designed as a quick guide for situations that are typically misplayed based on mathematical probabilities. No online blackjack tips guide should be considered complete without providing this information.

    ► Never take insurance when the dealer shows an Ace. Over the long haul, it increases the house's advantage by 13%.
    ► Never split 10s (10-K) or 5s. By splitting 10s, you are throwing away a likely winning hand without the possibility of improving your position. By splitting 5s, you are effectively creating two weak hands from one strong hand.

    ► Always hit a soft 17 (A-6). Regardless of what the dealer has, there are 16 cards that make the hand better and 16 cards that do no damage. It's worth the risk.
    ► Always hit a hard 12 if the dealer shows 2 or 3. The reality is there are only 16 cards that cause a bust. That means you have a 70% chance of landing a better hand by hitting.
    ► Always split 8s. With two 8s, you have a losing hand more than 66% of the time. By splitting them, you stand a better chance of drawing a good hand and saving your money by winning one of two hands.
  5. Surrender all 16s except two 8s. By surrendering a hand that losses 66% of the time, you are saving 50% of your money. Over the long haul, that's good math for the player.
  6. Money Management - Never wager more than 5% of your bankroll on a single hand. By following this rule, you can keep yourself in action longer, increasing your chances of encountering a winning streak.
  7. Playing Systems - No matter what you read, systems don't make you a winner. Counting cards online is not applicable and most money management systems (i.e. the Martingale system) have a caveat or two that offsets any potential advantage.

We hope these tips prove to be helpful. Please feel free to refer back to these online blackjack tips anytime. We might provide up-to-date tips in the future.