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Online Craps Tips


Craps in one of the most dynamic games offered by online casinos. The game prompts players to make gambling decisions on a constant basis. It is also one of the most complicated games, offering as many as 20 different types of bets with different odds. Our online craps tips guide is being offered to help you better understand the game and improve your chances of winning.

  1. Learn the Rules - Tips for any online casino game should begin with learning the rules of the game. With craps, the importance of learning the rules and payouts is intensified by the sheer volume of activity. The most important thing you want to focus on is the variety of bets available, where to place those bets and how those bets are influenced by the results on the dice.
  2. Understanding the Odds - Most of the betting options offered payout at different odds. They also provide the house with varying advantages. You should invest some time comparing the true odds of each dice roll to the odds actually being paid. In conjunction with the house's advantage, it becomes very clear which bets are preferred versus which ones should be avoided. For what it's worth, the best bet on the board is taking odds on a pass line/don't pass line bet, which pays "true" odds and gives the house no advantage. The worse bet on the table is betting "Any 7," which returns 4-1 and gives the house a 16.67% advantage.
  3. Play the Pass Line - Any craps sequence should start with a Pass Line bet. The bet only pays 1-1, but the house's advantage is only 1.41%. If you fancy yourself a contrarian, you can always play the Don't Pass Line bet, which also pays 1-1, but renders the house an advantage of only 1.36%.
  4. Always Take Maximum Odds on Pass Line and Don't Pass Line Bets - Most online craps games allow 2X odds on Pass Line and Don't Pass Line bets. If you can find an online casino that offers 3X-5X odds, that's the place you want to play craps. Why? Odds bets on the Pass Line and Don't Pass Line pay "true" odds. As indicated above, that means the house has no statistical advantage. Their isn't another bet on any other online game where the house has no statistical advantage. Remember, "Come" bets after the come out roll are basically the same as a Pass Line bet.
  5. Never Play Proposition Bets - The chance to earn odds ranging from 4-1 to 30-1 is very tempting. However, the house's advantage on proposition bets ranges from 5.56% to 16.67% and that spells disaster for the player. Propositions bets include Field bets, Hard Way bets (4,6,8,10), snake eyes (2), 3, Yo (11), box cars (12), Horn bets, Big 6 & 8, Any 7 and Hop bets.
  6. Set Limits - It's real easy to invest too much time and money while playing craps. You should set limits on the amount of money you are willing to risk and on the amount of time you are wanting to play. After you set limits, you need to show the discipline to abide by them.
  7. Take advantage of Special Promotions - They don't come about very often, but you should take advantage of any special bonus promotions offered on craps. Free monies are always a good thing. If bonuses can be used on any game, craps offers a better alternative than slots and roulette.
  8. Avoid Systems - There are plenty of playing and betting systems offered on craps. The problem is that none of them actually increase your chances of winning. The best online craps tips say stick with Pass/Don't Pass bets and take maximum odds.