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Online Keno Tips


Aside from video slot games, keno offers the best opportunity to win huge prizes with small bets. As you can surely imagine, the odds of that happening are quite significant. Keno is strictly a game of relaxation. You will never find a viable system that improves your odds of winning. Therefore, it's a good game to just pick some spots, sit back and watch. With some information provided by our online keno tips, we hope we can help enhance your playing experience.

  1. Look for Value - Some online casinos offer a better return on certain plays. Depending on which strategy or approach you choose, you should invest some time looking for reputable online casinos that offer better odds slanted towards the kinds of plays you are interested in making. No matter where you play, the real probabilities remain the same. Therefore, any increase in your odds creates real value.
  2. Free Practice Games - There are online casinos that allow players to play games for fun with no money involved. If you have never sat down and played keno, it's always a good idea to invest some time and play an hour or two for free. It gives you the opportunity to see how the game is played and to review the possible payouts as you devise your particular strategy.
  3. The Right Attitude - Keno is comparable to playing the lottery. The odds are very much in the house's favor, so you would be well-advised to not play keno seriously. As mentioned above, it makes for a nice casual game where you can play a few spots and hope for a little bit of luck. With the right attitude, your chances of enjoying the action will be significantly higher.
  4. Avoid Playing Too Maximum Spots - There is no denying that the huge potential payouts for hitting 15 of 15 or 10 of 10 spots are very tempting. The reality is those kinds of payouts are offered for a reason. If you want to play the long-shot with no expectations of winning, then no one can argue it's not worth taking a chance.
  5. Play Multi-Game Tickets - When you find a set of numbers you like playing, you have the option to play the same keno card for a specified number of games in a row. Since the ball-drawing process always provides random results, there is no value in trying to out guess the machine and land on the right spots. You can save yourself some time and effort by playing a multi-game ticket, sitting back and enjoying the action.
  6. Play Small Number of Spots - If you truly want a realistic chance to win a little money, you should consider playing a smaller number of spots. Depending on a particular online casino's format, you might want to stick with playing 3-6 spots on a consistent basis. Keno tends to be a game of momentum. While playing fewer spots offers smaller returns, they also occur more often. If you get some momentum going, you might hit 5-6 games in a row and find yourself with a nice little bankroll.
  7. Play Numbers in Clusters - For some inexplicable reason, numbers tend to show up in clusters. Using blind faith, you might want to consider playing small clusters of numbers. If you absolutely have to use some kind of online keno tips to make yourself feel like you are maximizing your chances, then playing clusters is as good a strategy as anything thing else you might consider.