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Online Keno


Truth be told, Keno is one of those casino games that was tailor made for the Internet. Even in land-based casinos, it's a solitary game where the player plays heads up versus a payout schedule with no need for interaction with a dealer or other players. The only thing required of any player is to make their bets and sit back and watch the balls fall.

Finding Online Keno
Aside from some small differences in the odds and the number of balls drawn, any casino that offers Keno is basically offering the same game. By the way, it should be noted that not all online casinos offer Keno. If they do, it's usually found under the "Arcade Games," "Specialty Games" or "Table Games" menus. The reason Keno is not always included or is hard to find is that it's not one of the more popular games offered. The game is played much like playing the lottery and everyone knows that playing an actual lottery offers huge payoffs in comparison to Keno.

Playing Online Keno
All Keno games are played on an 80 spot matrix. The player is required to click and pick the number of spots they wish to play and enter the amount they are betting per card. In land-based casinos, they would also record how many consecutive games they want to use that particular card. In an online casino environment, it's usually as simple as clicking on "repeat bet" or just hitting one of the play # buttons. From that point on, the computer does all the work as 20 balls/numbers roll out one-by-one until the designated number of balls (20) have been drawn. After that, any winnings are recorded and the player moves on to the next game.

Choosing the Right Casino
In order to pick the right online casino for you, there are several preferences that you will have to personally determine.

  1. Number of Maximum Spots Allowed - Each casino's online Keno game has a specific number of maximum spots that you can play. Usually the maximum number of spots is going to be 10 or 15. Most casinos also have a "quick pick" option that randomly selects the maximum number of spots for you. It's up to you to decide which game you find more enjoyable and then find the casino that offers that version.
  2. Odds and Payout - While the odds on hitting a certain number of spots is generally the same at every online casino, there are sometimes subtle differences that you might find beneficial. For instance, you might like to play 15 spots. One casino might offer 7-1 for 7 out of 15 spots while another offers 8-1. That small difference might be enough to sway your decision. Note: It will be difficult to find an online casino that is always higher than others. While they might offer better odds on some spots, they could come back with worse odds on others. It's just a matter of determining your preferences and finding an online casino that matches your style.
  3. Live Action Keno - Live Dealer or Live Action games have been around for 3-4 years now. "Live Action Keno" is a fairly new entrant into the live gaming catalog. It's hard to find, but there are a few casinos that have started offering the game. By playing this variation of Keno, you get the feeling of sitting in a live casino and watching the balls be drawn and called. The betting features and the odds are the same, but the way the game is delivered simulates reality as opposed to just watching a computer put Xs on your screen.