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October 25, 2014

3G Studios is the latest business to apply for a Nevada gambling license


3G Studios - logoIt won’t be long now before it approaches a year since the Department of Justice announced that not the entirety of online gambling should be banned in the United States, and that only sports betting was technically banned under the Federal Wire Act. As that anniversary approaches, there has been much talk but few real ground breaking development on the online gambling issue, with many states adopting a fifty-fifty attitude to the issue, with both hard-line supporters and criticizers in both camps. In Nevada however – a state well known for its liberal gambling laws – the situation has come on in leaps and bounds.

3G Studios are the latest online gambling company to apply for an online gambling license in the Silver State. With Nevada being one of the only states to offer such a permit, the residents of Nevada are permitted to gamble online under certain conditions; something that 3G Studios sees as ideal in their quest to bring top quality online gambling entertainment to players.

Although they are renowned for producing video game console titles for the likes of Playstation 3, the iPhone. 3G Studios have also be known to flex their muscles in the social network gambling arena of late, and if their appeal for a license from the Nevada gambling authorities is successful, 3G studios will be one of, if not the first company to acquire such licenses.

3G Studios is based in Reno, Nevada to begin with, making the home grown business an ideal candidate for a license in the state. Their short terms goals include at least offering an online poker site and online poker platforms to the citizens of the state, whilst their long term goals – although cleverly clouded – include revolutionizing the United States online gambling market. This is a vision shared by all online gambling companies at the minute, especially so given the upside down world the United States online gambling scene is currently in.

If recent statements are to be believed, 3G Studios hopes to be at the forefront when other neighboring and fellow states in the country amend or adopt their own online gambling laws. As a visionary force leading the way in the online gambling market, 3G Studios would wield a remarkable amount of power and influence over online gambling in the United States. This however remains pure speculation and goals, as there is no clear indication that most states will follow Nevada’s lead to permit online gambling for the residents.


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