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October 25, 2014

7 Steps to become a good Poker Player


Poker prosPoker is extremely popular all over the world and many people are now jumping on the poker band wagon and are trying to become expert poker players themselves. But the title of a professional poker player does not come easily and takes much time, so make sure to be ready and determined before going down the route to becoming a professional poker player.

Step one

You’re a novice; maybe you don’t even know how to play poker. So the first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with different forms of poker games. The most common poker game that is played all over is Texas Hold ‘Em and so this is the one you should concentrate on, but familiarizing yourself with others wouldn’t be a bad idea either. You can find information on these different games easily via the internet or books from a local library.

Step two

Start off playing with fake chips. You can find free chip poker sites all over the internet so finding one wouldn’t take long. By playing with free chips you place no risk on yourself and it gives you time to familiarize yourself with actual game play. The best way to learn is to do it.

Step three

Whilst playing online poker for free, take notes and be aware of which hands are higher than others and how often certain hands win. You should also become more aware of how often these hands are coming too, so you can be prepared for bad hands as well. This can happen more often than you’d like, so develop a method for these bad hand rounds too whilst playing for free.

Step four

Poker is all about method, tactic and bluffing and so before you’re ready to begin playing for real cash, you should figure out your own tactics and own bluffing methods. This will really help you when it comes to crunch time with real pots of cash on the table. You could also try doing some online research about other methods other players use and implement these yourself.

Step five

So you’ve implemented the first four steps and you’re now beginning to win a few more pots than before. A good rule of thumb is, once you’ve doubled your free cash amount consistently without losing then you’re ready to go on and play for real. You shouldn’t rush into real cash playing as it’s a lot tougher than free cash playing and so you need to be ready and have your wits about you.

Step six

Keep implementing the methods you have practiced into free cash hands to real cash hands. The game you’re playing is the same, you just have tougher opponents. So don’t back down, keep practicing and keep your game plan the same. This way you’ll eventually become poker savvy and won’t need to think about the next move as you’ll already know.

Step seven

Don’t give up. The experienced and excellent poker players you’re up against all started where you are now, a novice taking a learning curve. Poker can be difficult to those who are not experienced, but practice makes perfect and if you keep at it, you’ll find that one day playing poker is natural to you and you’ll win more and more each time. Experience is key, and no one can claim the title of professional poker player without playing thousands of games first.


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