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October 25, 2014

Alderney and Denmark to Work Jointly


Alderney Gambling Control CommissionThe gaming commissioner of Alderney and Denmark announced earlier this week that they have formed a bilateral cooperation agreement after successfully agreeing on the stipulated terms as set by the agreement. This agreement means that Alderney Gambling Control Commission and The Danish Gambling authority will share any information related to gambling the two commissions believe necessary. The agreement is set to be effected in line with Danish Gaming Act. Danish Gaming Act was passed in 2010 and regulates how casinos operate. The Act extends from licensing to fees and even marketing of casinos. It also adheres to regulating of SMS messaging games. It is still unclear when this shall take effect.

About Alderney Gambling Control Commission

This commission was created in 2000 with an aim of issuing e-license to casino, poker, lottery and sportsbook for casino companies’ wishing to operate within its jurisdiction. It was upgraded in 2006, where new provision were granted to allow it set mirror companies while still being the one hosting main operations. Casino companies wishing to obtain license in Alderney are first subjected to vigorous background check by the commission. The company is also expected to pay $10,000 as fee to cater for the investigation process. The casino should also prove that it operates fairly, and that its gambling software passes compliance testing. If a company has passed the entire test, then it shall pay additional $70,000 for the license. This fee is paid annually.

Alderney forms part of UK Gambling Commission’s online gambling. This means that it is legal for an online casino operating under Alderney to advertise in the UK. Currently, online casinos operating in Alderney include, Blue Square Casino, Gala Casino, Virgin Casino and Jackpot Party Casino. For any complaints, the casinos are provided with legal document which can be downloaded via the internet. They are also accessible to gamers. This gives an opportunity for one to be familiar with these rules so as not to make any mistake as far as online gambling is concerned.

About Danish Gambling Authority

In June 1st, Danish Gambling Authority announced that it is working on ways of bringing more gambling into the country. Denmark authority laws have supported gambling and are working on additional ways of opening more doors in the coming years. It is looking for ways of developing new games to widen up Danish market for online casino games. The firm has controlled gambling games in Denmark for a long period. It has provided stipulated laws that not only govern the casinos but also gamers.

The news that it is now opening new doors for additional games come at a time when there is increase in demand for its increase in services its offering. The authority has bowed to people’s demand and is promising to just do as they please. The signed agreement between these two authorities will go a long way as far as online gambling is concerned. The information shared will aid in identifying areas that need improvement and will at the same time, will work towards making them even better.


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