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November 17, 2013

American Jockey Club Join Facebook with two horse racing apps


The Jockey Club (1750)What is regarding as one of the most well known and famous horse racing establishments in the United States has opened the door and put their foot through into the online gaming scene according to reports coming out of the country. The world renowned Jockey Club has launched two online social network book games via Facebook, both of which are in compliance with the current United States gambling laws on horse-racing due to the fact that they do not involve real money.

The two games, entitled Major League Horse Racing and Thoroughbred World are designed for entertainment purposes only, although it has been hinted that should betting on Horseracing online become legalized in the United States, that the products might develop further. Many are predicting this as merely the initial phase of a larger operation, feeling that it is only a matter of time before the United States does eventually legalize online gambling, particularly that pertaining to online sportsbooks, which would include horse racing itself.

Jason G. Wilson – the head of business development at the Jockey Club has stated that the games will be heavily promoted through television and that they will provide a platform for which players might familiarize themselves with the idea of horse racing online. The undeniable objective is to attract fans to the project; with the ultimate aim of convincing those to spend real money on horse racing should the possibility ever open up.

Major League Horse Racing – the first of the two games – permits players to wager fake money on a race card every week, by placing “gamebucks” on their four favorite horses, the ones that they think will perform the best throughout the week. Facebook and Twitter are believed to have deals in the pipeline to offer players more gamebucks (or fake currency) with which to wager additional dummy bets in the game.

The other game, Thoroughbred World is far less gambling orientated. This requires a player to “purchase” a horse, own it, breed it and train it in the horse racing industry. This simulation game has much akin to many of the sports manager games that already exist across many social networking sites.

Although the potential for Thoroughbred world does not exceed that of a fantasy game akin to Football Manager or Cycling Manager, it is the potential for the first game (Major League Horse Racing) that is of paramount interest to real money online gamers. Should horse racing and wagering on sportsbooks in the United States become legal, one would put good money on this to be amongst the first past the post when it comes to betting on the nags.


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