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October 25, 2014

American Players Are Most Likely Going to Lose More Money to Bots


Playing With Poker BotsMost of the online poker rooms have detectors that make sure that a poker bot is running perfectly and that the game is fair and running smoothly. However, when it comes to US where lawmakers are still contemplating on whether to legalize internet gambling or not, many online poker sites are not technologically advanced in a way that they can detect poker bots and this is making US players lose a lot of money that they deposited. This is something that is making online casinos in US lag behind since many people are looking for sites that are able to detect the poker bot.

The lawmakers of US are not trying any harder with the effort that is there globally for the regulation of online gambling casinos. This is still costing American a lot of money and this is bound to happen for the longest time. With this in mind, most of the American players are opting for international gambling sites and casinos and this is turning out to be difficult because they do not have an idea of whether they are getting a fair game or not. Putting in consideration the fact that America has millions of online poker players who play every single day, it is not possible to protect all of them as required. This is a statement that was given by Steve Schwartz who is a gaming analyst.

The casino industry can also not protect players as is required and this is the reason as to why many countries have already put up regulations on the online casinos. Since 2006 when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was created, many people have suffered in the industry. Barney Frank has tried to have this law overturned but things seem extremely difficult with the law enforcers not willing to legalize online gambling. These regulations have to be accepted by both the state and federal level which is very difficult to convince then faster.

The problem of poker bots has been around for the longest time on the online casino industry. Most sites have been able to catch these bots while they are in operations but this is usually not an easy task. Other sites have not been successful in detecting these fake computer players and some of them have given up completely. When this happens, the American player is the one that gets to loose his money. It is becoming even more difficult to detect the bots because of the high developments that the bots have which makes them seem as though they are humans. This makes it difficult for the technology put in place to detect the fact that these bots are not real players and until US lawmakers decide to enact online casinos, players will still continue suffering in silence.

With the new games that are being developed on a daily basis, avoiding online casinos can be very difficult especially to individuals who are addicted to these games. This leaves players with no other choice but to continue playing as bots continue stealing from them with no way out.


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