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October 25, 2014

Antigua and Barbuda - US closes the doors to caribbean online gambling


World Trade Organization (WTO) - logoAntigua and Barbuda – a Commonwealth of Nations member – has refused to accept the United States gambling laws which oppose US based players transferring money to online casinos in the country, citing that without it, Antiguan online casinos would suffer massive failure.

The nation of Antigua and Barbuda consists of several small islands and the two larger habited islands which give the country its name. The Caribbean country lies to the south east of the United States although most of their major online gambling clients come from within their larger neighbor.

After calling for sanctions against the United States regarding to their film and music industries, aimed at putting pressure on the United States to allow players to continue playing in the Caribbean nation’s online casino if they choose, Antigua and Barbuda have now called in a top Washington DC based law firm to represent their nation against the US.

The finance minister for the country, a Mr. Harold Lovell has recently come out and stated that his country, if necessary, will take a more aggressive stance towards the United States and more specifically US Trade Representatives in future.

The finance minister went on the site the damage caused to the Antiguan and Barbuda gambling industry and warned the United States to comply with the WTO (World Trade Organization) rulings on the matter, or at the very least come to some sort of understanding and settlement worth value to the gaming industry in the tiny country. This claim would be on the ground of the damage caused to the country’s economy following the opposition to US players being allowed to gamble in Antigua and Barbuda’s online casino.

map of Antigua and BarbudaLEVICK has been announced as the top Washington DC law firm that will be taking on the case and representing the Caribbean island country. LEVICK ‘s reputation precedes them as a quality law firm who in the past have handled many complicated and politically challenging cases, specifically those revolving around the government of the United States.

It is believed that Antigua and Barbuda won’t stop there in order to secure what they feel is the rights to their legitimate business. The country is also working tirelessly to generate sympathy from many of the leading industry figures in the United States through a well marketing publicity campaign. It is felt that with these figures behind them, their case would be greatly strengthened. The country is also looking at US based companies that also feel as though they have been wronged by the USTR.

Should the WTO vote in favor of Antigua and Barbuda the costs of $40,000 and month plus $10,000 in expenses will feel like no charge at all. The gambling industry is one of Antigua and Barbuda’s most valuable sources of income.


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