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May 28, 2020

Are Sex and Gambling Addictions linked to Parkinsons Medication?


Since new research aims to prove that a gambling addiction can be genetically built into us, more unsettling research has since been unearthed now claiming that sex and gambling addictions are side effects of a common Parkinson’s disease medication. A drug for Parkinson's disease is said can cause sex and gambling addictions

It has been reported that people living in New Zealand who are currently taking medication to ease the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are now experiencing adverse side effects similar to those of patients taking the same medication in Australia.

Some health experts are now calling the companies that release this medication irresponsible and that their medication is wrongly researched. The companies responsible are also under fire due to the fact that after the adverse side effects of sex and gambling addictions were reported, they failed to the withdraw the medication from the market.

The companies that are currently under fire is Pfizer Australia and Aspen Pharmacare and the drugs that have reported to have these adverse side effects are Pfizer’s Cabaser and Permax released from Aspen.

The side effects of these drugs are life wrecking and can only add to an already life disrupting disease, thus they should never have been allowed to have been prescribed or created in the first place.

Philip Townshend is from the problem gambling foundation and he has released a statement saying that he has noticed an increase in the development of sex and gambling addiction in people currently taking this medication and urges anyone currently taking the medication to see their general practitioner, as even though you may not feel these side effects yet, they can take some time to develop and so should be rectified straight away.

This problem gambling foundation is willing to help anyone suffering from a gambling addiction and requests that anyone on this medication and currently suffering seek help from the problem gambling foundation.

Townshend also said that because these drugs are so useful in the prevention of some symptoms caused by Parkinson’s disease, that the drug will not be banned and will continue to be used as treatment and thus makes his request for any one suffering even more important as he feels we will see a considerable rise now.

At the current moment there are 80,000 Australians suffering from Parkinson’s disease and whilst there is no cure available to these people, they will need to be stabilized using medication such as Cabaser and Permax. This may unfortunately mean though that whilst this number of sufferers is rising, the sufferers of gambling and sex addictions will rise too.

The reason that this medication makes people inclined to have addictions such as these is because the side effects do make people impulsive, so gambling and sex may not be the only addiction people suffer. Other addictions may be impulsive binge eating or impulsive sickness.

As the search goes on for a cure for those suffering with Parkinson’s disease it would seem that these gambling and sex addictions are something we are going to have to accept.

Author: Jeff Grant (info)


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