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October 25, 2014

Arsenal FC set up online lottery deal as part of a fundraising effort


Arsenal FC - MyLotto24Arsenal FC, one of England’s most prestigious and well known football clubs has set up a fundraising effort that involves an online lottery game. Striking a deal with a subsidiary of Tipp24, MyLotto24; Arsenal FC hope to reward fans with weekly cash prizes with the proceeds of the lottery going to Arsenal FC’s fundraising campaign and effort.

The move has never been done by a football club in England before and there are very realistic claims that it could spark additional clubs setting up online lotteries for their own fundraising campaigns.

Arsenal FC hope that their campaign will become the biggest fundraising effort in the United Kingdom, and with plenty of prizes and thousands of loyal Arsenal FC fans all certain to participate it could very well be just that.

The online lottery will provide funding for Arsenal FC’s main charity which aims to better the lives of the young generations through sports and education. In their latest plan, Arsenal FC and MyLotto24 are said to be fully in compliance with the gambling laws of the United Kingdom making their operation one hundred percent legal.

From what has been understood, Arsenal FC supporters (whom are most likely to be the participants in the online lottery) must choose six general numbers (as in all lotteries) and then a “legend” number from one to nine. Every Wednesday and Saturday evening, draws will take place that could have jackpots as high as £4.7 million, with rollovers being permitted until the £36 million mark.

Tickets for the new Arsenal FC online lottery will cost a mere pound, which is the same as all major lotteries in Great Britain. Both sides of the deal, both Arsenal and MyLotto24 are said to be thrilled with the new online lottery scheme and are predicting a big turnout, and more importantly a big funds established for underprivileged youths.

The news comes just days after the National Lottery filed a complaint against the British High Court in regards to Health Lotteries setting up an additional national lottery, which the National Lottery feels it should have a monopoly on. It is unlikely however, that Camelot’s National Lottery will feel threatened by this small scale football club lottery whose primary goal is charity work.

Arsenal football club have a large fan base in the United Kingdom, and a smaller worldwide one which extends to Europe, South American and Africa. It is unclear if fans from other countries will be able to participate due to restrictions of online gambling in some countries.


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