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October 25, 2014

As New York Governor's report, Keno game will be legal in all the Pubs


New York Governor's Andrew CuomoNew York has begun making steps toward legitimizing gambling in the state by permitting Keno to be played legally in pubs, bars and taverns across the state, reports have declared. Keno, which resembles a bingo or lottery game is not seen by the general community as a game of skill, but rather as a game of chance and this according to some is the most likely reason for its allowance in the state’s drinking establishments.

The Governor of New York, a Mr. Andrew Cuomo is known to be an avid supporter of gambling and in recent months – ever since the declaration by the United States Department of Justice that the Federal Wire Act should only be applicable to sports betting – has been vehemently trying to push through laws to maximize gambling in the state. His intentions are apparently to legitimatize gambling as much as possible under the current United States gambling laws.

Despite neighboring Atlantic City in the state of New Jersey maintaining its role as the second most frequented gambling haunt in the country behind Las Vegas in Nevada, New York and Governor Cuomo feel they can push to even greater heights. The Governor is thought to envision a New York state that can not only compete with the powerhouse that is Las Vegas, but also possibly overtake it as the number one gambling destination in the United States.

This show of intent is not to be underestimated. New York State has already seen the introduction of slot machines at race tracks, and Native American Indian casinos have long been considered legal because they do not necessarily fall into federal or state jurisdiction. The Governor aims to add to this several land-based casinos and online gambling news across the net reports that one could possibly even open in New York City itself. If this ever became a reality, then the potential tourist’s attraction would certainly outclass that of its Mid-Western neighbor. Poker rooms are also being considered a reality in the very near future for the gambling approved state.

The new law which will permit Keno to be played throughout the state is already in force, and up to one hundred pubs, taverns and bars have accumulated over five hundred machines already. The machines are run by the state lottery service, and the game itself involving randomly drawn numbered balls is very similar to the lottery itself.

It has been rumored that a potential $20 million a year could be raised through taxable revenue, something which New York State and Governor Cuomo is very keen to get their hands on.


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