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October 25, 2014

Atlantic Casinos Turn to Use of Promotions to Attract Gamblers


Major Atlantic Casinos LogosAtlantic casinos have decided to capitalize on the power of promotions and discounts to attract gamblers. The list room rates offered is simply amazing and this is seen as a major throwback compared to what was offered in the 70’s. For instance, the Atlantic City Hilton is offering $ 55 and if this does not sound low enough, there is Harrah’s resort which is offering $ 44. Further on, the offers get better with the Showboat Casino offering a rate of $ 39.

If these rates are anything to go by, it is clear that casinos are getting desperate for customers and this is especially so during the winter months. Most have adopted a survival stance as they accept the fact that they need to go that extra mile to keep customers going back for more. They have figured that the best strategy to use is the gaming floors and what better way to meet this end but use promotions. This is largely attributed to the sour economical state. This is according to reports filed in by the Caesars Entertainment Group which has also employed this strategy to keep gamblers within the towers of the casino halls.

There is an increased rate with which the gambling industry uses hotel bargains, promotional giveaways and meal discounts to lure in clients. Casinos from other neighboring states have also put pressure for the Atlantic casinos to take this stance and this is because they also entice gamblers through the same antics. This clearly shows that the industry will only pay off for those willing to keep consumers satisfied and this undoubtedly comes in as good news for the masses. Most players prefer to stay home due to the tough economic times but with such offers it proves impossible not to visit the casinos thus making the situation a win-win for all parties involved.

The vice president of the Trump Entertainment Resorts, Kathleen McSweeney says that it is all about offering value. Players are looking for casinos that give them reason to go to the casinos, pay the tolls as well as visit with the casinos. Further on, she says that this is exactly what the group offers to its players. What is more, they have also recorded success through the employment of the same techniques.

With such strategies, the need to lay off workers is also eliminated and this serves as another major plus for the industry. This is because players are always streaming in the casinos in a bid to capitalize on these offers. It is expected that the Atlantic City casino industry is going to expand exponentially in this 21st century. To cap on the promotions and discounts, casinos are also using conventions, entertainment and concerts to ensure gamblers remain interested in what they have to offer. With this type of competition, the Atlantic casinos are expected to thrive and flourish even more. The only expectation is that they will continue to use such strategies throughout the year to keep gamblers interested.


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