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October 25, 2014

Australian minister resigns for sex and gambling scandal


Minister McLeayIllegal gambling and lust for sex in increasing in Australia and recently this was seen as Mr McLeay who is a minister was caught playing illegal gambling online and visiting adult websites. He was the ports and waterways minister who was caught in a foolish and disgusting act.

On Wednesday he was forced to quit his seat as a minister. He accepted that he used a parliamentary computer to access adult websites and to perform illegal online gambling. After performing this act he resigns from his ministry which made him fourth minister to leave the cabinet this year.

He is a married guy having two children. He resigned from his ministry in an uncomfortable manner in an 11 minute media conference outside the Parliament House. He apologized to his colleagues as because of this act he dented the chances of his colleagues at the state election of 2011 in March. He said that his behavior was not up to the standard which was expected by the ministry cabinet. He was looking very uncomfortable and embarrassed as well. He said that he is very disappointed because he harmed the sentiments of and the chances of his colleagues in the next election. He also said that due to his disgusting act he was unable to portray a stable government. Mr McLeay was a very famous politician before this act. He was once also elected as the minister for the mineral and forest resources.

Mr McLeay did not tell anything about which site he visited for sex and for illegal gambling. But he admitted that this was not the first time he has done and perform this unlawful act. He said that he spoke to his wife first and then to the premier then to his mother. In the small media conference he was looking very embarrassed, miserable and humiliated. He said that what I have done is wrong and I accept it and that’s why I am offering resignation as a minister.


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