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January 31, 2018

Which are the Best Casino Games to Play in Terms of Odds


People are always saying that, “the house always wins,” when it comes to casinos. They believe that the odds are stacked so far in the favor of casinos that it is basically pointless to try and take them on. That they will always win and that their only purpose in life is to rip your hard earned cash away from you with clever and new ways of tricking you into thinking you have a chance. This is something that has, in many ways, entered received wisdom and is just something that people accept is the case.

However, while it is true that in some cases, casinos do have very good odds when you take them on, they also have some games where their chances are lower than you might think. They don’t quite have the same odds on every game and you can exploit this in order to get more out of games than you might have thought.

Similarly, while it is true that you can indeed see the ways casinos are trying to get you part with your money, you can also see that they have to find new ways to do it. You have so many options when you play online casino games that if you don’t like a site you can walk away a find a new one very easily. This means casinos need to work hard to get you to stay with them, or even find them in the first place; this is why there are many top no deposit offers designed to get you to pick one online casino over another. We have great opportunities as consumers now to stick it to online casinos and make some money so have to grab it while we can.

In addition to taking advantage of offers, you also need to know which the best games to play are, and which the games that are going to give you the best odds and ensure that you don’t waste your great casino bonus. In that spirit we thought we should explore which these games are. There is no total agreement but many gaming experts have given insight into which games are the best to play if you want the best odds. Some of these games even have near 50-50 odds where you are almost as likely to win as the casino is to take your money. Here then are the three best casino games to play if you want to win as much money as possible.

Blackjack, blackjack cards


The king of casino games for those who want a quick game as well as one with a fairly good balance of around 50-50. If you can count cards of course your odds go up but even as a layman player this gives the best odds for a number of reasons. The first is pretty obvious, it is very easy, and this means there are far less chances of you messing up. If you stick to a fairly easy to remember set of tips, then you are unlikely to bust too often keeping you in the game. As long as you can count you can play making it much harder for you to make a mistake as you could in, say, poker.

In addition, one very important element is that you are playing just you and the dealer, there are no other people you are faced up against, and in fact you can team up with other to take the dealer on and push him into going up or down, and push him into making rash decisions. This makes it much harder than for the casino to take you money and gives you great odds and an excellent chance to win big.


The game with the dice can be very lucky for you as long as you know what you are doing. It is another game that often has near 50-50 odds and once again this is partly owing to the fact that you are not playing any of your fellow players just the house. If you bet on the no pass line you have about as close to a 50% chance of winning that you are ever going to get in a casino. It is a very quick and easy way to make money if you know what you are doing and stay patient.


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