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November 8, 2018

How to pay less fees when you deposit at online casinos


Best payment methods to use at casinos

There is a fine line between winning and losing at online casinos and sports betting sites which is why you need to carefully plan the best route to success. The type of payment method you select can make a big difference as large fees are attached to certain kinds of money transfers.

There are also a number of other factors that you need to consider as using the incorrect method may even result in you been unable to obtain finance such as a mortgage or loan. In this article, I will talk about the best payment methods to use so that you can the most back, added protection along with super-fast transfer times.

#1. E-wallet Payments

Two of the most popular payment methods at casinos is Skrill and Paypal. These are both e-wallets that have been designed for making online payments fast and secure. When using paypal casinos users get added insurance so if any problems occur they are able to get their money back. It also stops gambling transactions showing on bank statements or credit card bills which can have a damaging effect on credit ratings. Many people have been refused credit due to this as the lenders see those who gamble at a high risk of not been able to pay back the finance.

#2. Credit and Debit Cards Payments

Most casino payments are still transacted most by credit and debit cards with nearly a fifty percent market share. Over the last few years, however, the popularity has gradually started to decline with many preferring services like Apple Pay and Google Wallet to make payments.

With more payment options than ever before the dominance of credit cards is on the decline due to many greater benefits of other services. If you do not want your credit rating damaging by gambling at casinos do not use either credit or debit cards as they will show up on your statement and make up part of your assessment on if you will be able to get finance or not.

#3. Cryptocurrency Payments

The fastest growing sector in the casino and gambling industry is cryptocurrency with new innovations coming to market every month. Crypto such as Bitcoin is one of the best payment methods around allowing gamblers to stay anonymous along with rapid processing times and in most cases zero fees attached.

While this is fantastic news it is not the reason why you should make the switch. You should do so due to the technology enabling for the first time true provably fair games that run on the ledger providing complete transparency. With lower house edge rates than is possible to produce via traditional casinos, you are more likely to win when gambling at one of these platforms.


The whole banking system is currently been revamped by blockchain technology and while this takes place to expect to see chaos in the financial sector. E-wallet services such as Paypal along with crypto are the two best methods if you want a speedy transaction that is completely secure. With the volatility in the crypto space price, using e-wallets is our recommended choice when gambling at casinos.


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