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November 1, 2014

Betfair on Android for the joy of Sports Bettors


Betfair as it appears on AndroidBetfair, the world’s largest online betting exchange has released a new app for phones running the Android operating system that is rumored to contain the very latest in sports betting technology, online casino news has reported throughout the weekend.

It is entitled the Betfair for Android 2.0 application and is fully compliant with all of the current British gambling laws, because this is primarily the market that Betfair are aiming the new application at. Despite the app being reworked for the latest Android technology, there is actually little difference between it, and the I-Phone and I-Pad applications launched earlier in the year.

Betfair currently has over 275,000 registered gamers using their sports betting applications; through with they estimate that roughly 44 million bets have been placed in the first six months of this year alone. That amount of custom has seen nearly £23 million taken in the form of income from gamers using the mobile gaming application out of a total of £2.2 billion which is what Betfair is rumored to be taking annually.

The market for mobile gaming applications is growing fast and Betfair’s latest addition is sure to get a hot reception amongst loyal mobile gaming sports betters. Raj Vemulapalli, who is head of mobile gaming operations at the world famous sportsbook, is reported in the media as saying that the new application is one of the many benefits that comes with being based out in the Silicon Valley Development Centre. He went to state that the application is yet another example of Betfair’s continued commitment to ever improve their service for their loyal clients, also that it yet another statement that Betfair leads the way when it comes to mobile gaming.

The application itself is free to download for Betfair users with the Android 2.0 operating system on their mobile gaming devices, and allows gamers to check odds on upcoming sporting events and manage their Betfair sportsbook account. Of course the most advantageous aspect of the new application is the punter’s continuous ability to place punts on their favorite sporting events as they happen, from wherever they happen to be at the time.

Betfair’s applications are of particular interest to mobile sports bettors who cannot get down to the bookies or are unable to wager via the internet whilst at work, in a bar, at a stadium or even to a certain degree, in airports and other such places where conventional sports betting isn’t possible.


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