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May 25, 2020

Big changes for Party Poker - the leading poker room, aims to boost its popularity


Visit PartyPoker.comParty Poker – formerly one of the most powerful online gambling sites in the world – is to undergo radical changes to the way it operates in order to boost its declined community of followers, the latest online gambling news reports.

Recent reports from their parent company – Bwin – has revealed a downward trend appearing in the amount of users and total amount of wagering occurring at the online poker site, leading to a potential software change for Party Poker in the foreseeable future.

The changes implemented would have to be fully comp liable with the German gambling laws, which are ever changing at the minute, as Europe comes to terms with several new developments concerning online gambling laws drafted by the European Commission.

The two CEO’s of the Bwin Group, Jim Ryan and Norbert Teufelberger have stated that it is their aim to attempt to revive Party Poker into leading brand again, and also to challenge the new leading players in poker market directly.

Their two primary aims of doing this are believed to involve “pooling their poker liquidity” and “repositioning their flagship brand.” Both goals from the firm are very vague at best and do not specify exactly how or what Bwin intends to do to revive the fortunes of Party Poker. Some though, seem to think otherwise.

Many feel as though Party Poker will be re-launched next year with state of the art, brand new software which will potentially extend for the better Party Poker’s performance in the market, leveling it with that of their Fast Forward poker product. Recently launched, the Fast Forward poker product is currently far more successful than the original Party Poker brand.

One of the new options from Party Poker called 'Fast Forward'Party Poker have however launched an official statement that simply reveals that Party Poker was in its second phase ever since its first re-launch over three years ago in 2009. This second re-launch or third version of the online gambling site – due for release in the first quarter of next year – will contain many new features and is said to have a new look and feel about it. Party Poker’s official address stated quite clearly that their intent was to make Party Poker the predominantly most popular and world’s favorite poker room, bringing with it a return to growth for the product.

Apart from their bold press release, Party Poker has declined to reveal any further information about how they intend to do this, or exactly what specific changes will be implemented to see it through.

Author: Jeff Grant (info)


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