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October 25, 2014

Big Fish Games invests in England and especially on Mobile Gambling


Big Fish GamesAn American online gambling company has landed a deal in the United Kingdom to produce their online gambling applications for mobile gaming devices within the month. The Seattle based Big Fish Games developers are keen to be interested in testing their business resolve in the United Kingdom following the ongoing debacle in the United States regarding online gambling laws and what is or is not considered legal.

Whilst this predicament continues to rage in the United States and is foreseen to continue to do so for some time to come; Big Fish has decided to try their luck abroad – particularly in one of the world’s leading mobile casino gaming countries.

The first of Big Fish Games’ online gambling applications comes in the form of a mobile casino and will be launched for the iOS operating system i-Phones and i-Pads within the coming weeks. The application has been announced as a real money gambling casino and will not offer free games which other manufacturers have been doing of late. The downloadable application should be made available to UK gamers through the Apple App Store by the middle of September.

At present in the United States, almost twenty billion dollars are wagered per year via players with mobile gambling devices, and whilst that seems like an extraordinary amount of money; it is the legal logistics and ever tightening noose around gambling in general that has caused the company to visit their neighbors across the Atlantic. It is predicted by some however, that by 2017 the American market (once the issues surrounding online gambling are rectified) will be worth a mind boggling one hundred billion dollars per year.

Despite a sudden reputation for being “money suckers” of late after recent rows with Samsung and other hardware developers; Apple insists they want no part of the financial rewards from the operation. A comment from Apple on the matter stated that mobile gambling applications are permitted in the Apple App Store provided that they meet and satisfy all local criteria and regulations, as it is believed that Big Fish Games’ newest app does. Apple themselves do not wish to have any kind of take on the gambling industry, insisting that they wish to “keep at arm’s length” from the project.

At present Big Fish Games are played by customers across the globe, with thousands of people paying money to play their games. Up until now, there had been no way for player’s to collect their winnings as this would constitute gambling in the United States. With the release of the real-money iOS mobile casino, this American company has suddenly become a Big Fish in a new pond.


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