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October 25, 2014

California Planning To Move Into Place With Online Poker


The California Online Poker Association (COPA)Recently, the California online poker association has made a deal with a certain company in order to be provided with online poker services. This is simply because of the poor infrastructure that the country has been going through and as such, the country has though of legalizing online gambling, online casinos as well as online poker in order to have an opportunity to bring an improvement to the country.

It is with no doubt to say that online gambling as well as online casinos play a major role in offering real money thus improving the economy as well as the lifestyles of people living in the states where these activities have been legalized.

Several states have lined up for the day when the federal government will announce the legality of online poker and California being one of the state does not want to be left behind when this period reaches. California has seen it beneficial to move into place with online poker and it is the reason why the officials sealed a deal with Playtech to help them in achieving this. Even though the terms of the agreement have not yet been released, it is with no doubt that Playtech will offer the coalition of the existing 29 tribes along with 31 card rooms containing online poker technology as well as online poker software. It is believed that this move will play a major role in improving the living standards as well as the economy of this country in the present time and in future as well.

According to Robert Martin, who is the Morongo chairman and also a member of the California Online Poker Association (COPA), states that this is the perfect timing for setting up an online poker system in place once the federal government legalizes online gambling following blue Monday outcomes as well as black Friday. He adds that the reason behind that setting is simply because those outcomes that have played a major role in pushing for the legalization of online gambling have been removed completely by the largest companies that are found in the US market. In addition, they believe that California cannot be able to offer their real money services to all the US citizens involved in online gambling.

Even though the agreement to move into place with online poker with Playtech is still not operational as it is supposed to be, it is not bad to say thanks to the legalization of online poker being in California. This is since the contract will be maintained until the centralized government gives the California Online Poker Association as well as Playtech a go ahead to legalize online poker so that they can use it in making extra money to improve their infrastructure as well as their economy as a whole.

The California government has to stay put until everything has been finalized so that they can rest assured that online poker is legal in the country and make it citizens enjoy the bonuses, slots as well as promotions that come with playing online poker.


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