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October 25, 2014

Californian’s not interested in Poker; they want to bet on their sports


A poll conducted recently in the United State’s most world renowned state, the state of California has revealed very interesting insights into how online gamblers in the Golden State wish to bet. It was previously thought that most gambling Americans would be over the moon to have poker authenticated as a legal online game, and that online casinos would be enough to satisfy the crowds who do wish to return to the days of betting.

Californians on the other hand, don’t seem to fit the mould. The recent poll has thrown a spanner in the works online gambling fans across the state as it revealed that Californians are far keener to have sports betting installed as the state’s primary means of gambling than poker, casinos or any other form of online betting.

Whilst bills appealing for the legalization of both poker and sports betting in the state of California have been submitted and passed by the Senate, it is widely thought that Congress will approve the online poker bill yet dismiss the one advocating sports betting. This is due to a current federal law prohibiting sports betting of any kind within the United States, something California is hoping to overturn.

The removal of the federal law (the final aspect of gambling that remains off the table for discussion) would allow states to do as they please with regards to what services they offer their flock of loyal gamblers.

The Californian poll revealed that 49% of Californian’s who took the poll wished poker to be made legal, with 45% against. The remainder was presumably undecided. That being said, an overwhelming 58% advocated sports betting in the state, and a mere 35% opposed the idea.

The Californian Poll about legalizing Online Poker

Betting on sports in Europe is a big business, one that is catching on around the world. American sports fans have up until now only been able to dream of an online website where they can place their money on their favorite teams and sports. This could become a reality should Congress pass both bills, and William Hill – the British online sportsbook super giant – has already snapped up the rights to service Nevada’s sports betting industry if it ever gets off the ground.

It must be stated that just under a thousand people were quizzed for the poll and the margin for ever is believed to be around 4.5%. Even with those facts taken in consideration though, it appears as though California has made its mind up and is ready to get set and go for sports.


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