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October 25, 2014

Camelot aims to be protected by establishing a monopoly on lotteries in the realm


the logo of CamelotCamelot, the group which runs the United Kingdom’s National Lottery, has demanded political action to establish a monopoly on lotteries in the UK, following their unsuccessful bid to require a judicial review into newly established rival the Health Lottery.

The National Lottery – Camelot argue – brings aid and much needed funds to many charities and public works throughout the United Kingdom and this they argue should be protected by establishing a monopoly on lotteries in the realm. Already, a letter written by Diane Thompson – the chief executive officer of Camelot – has already found its way to 10 Downing Street and into the hands of Prime Minister David Cameron.

According to sources, Camelot is well within their right to appeal against the British High Court’s decision not to inspect and review the Gambling Commission’s regulation of Health Gaming, and they would even have a very just cause and good ground with which to do so. However, Camelot has adopted the new approach with the future in mind.

Camelot insists that moving forward into a political pathway would be of greater assistance in the long, by closing down a loophole that currently exists in the 2005 Gambling Act. Such a loophole they say, is the very reason Health Lottery were permitted to begin their operations in the country and the reason the British High Court has failed to act.

The letter to Mr. Cameron from Camelot quite categorically details that Health plans to launch a mid-week draw from this month on, which would coincide with the National Lottery’s own mid-week draw. Furthermore the letter claims to state that Mr. Cameron must act fast if he is to ensure that the Camelot National Lottery remains the only legal National Lottery – as it has been for twenty years – in the United Kingdom.

Camelot’s primary concern is that the longer it takes the Prime Minister to act on this, the more likely it would be that other operators would set up shop. For instance, should Camelot have decided to appeal the British High Court’s decision, what’s the say “another Health Lotteries” wouldn’t spring up in their place?

Camelot feel indiscriminately that this is a decision that belongs the parliament of United Kingdom, and the Prime Minister and one that has no place under the jurisdiction of the British High Court. The Gambling Commission have maintained that a decision regarding the matter must maintained soon, in that either Health Lotteries should be permitting to go about their business using a loophole that others will soon venture through, or that they must be shut down with a monopoly created for Camelot and the original National Lottery in the United Kingdom.


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