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November 1, 2014

Casino Blacklist


The bad aspect of the gaming industry

Beware of Gambling 'Pirates'Banking on the greed of a number of people around the globe to quick and earn easy money, thousands of online casinos have emerged on the internet. A number of them offer irresistibly massive sign-up bonuses and payouts that you cannot refrain from. However, not many of them are known to have a good reputation on the internet and have left their subscribers in the lurch when the time was right for them to claim their payouts and hence feature in the online casino blacklist.

They allure, enroll you and ditch you in the end. That would be the right way to explain how some of these niches operate. Some offer a free sign-up bonus that is as high as $ 1500 or even more, which the gamers find too tempting to resist. As a result, they get caught, only to discover that the oasis or rich gains that they were expecting to reach was nothing but a mirage. Some of the rogue casinos that feature in the casino blacklist include:

Casino Grand Bay, Bella Vegas, Lake Palace, Roadhouse Reels, Jupiter Club, Fortune Junction, Jackpot Wheel and Villa Fortuna.


There are some that are known for spamming while still others that have a history of scandals though they are apparently run in a modest way and hence, should be avoided by those seeking to play online casino games for pure pleasure as well as money. In many of the cases, the casino owners vanished mysteriously when the time came for making payouts as promised by them to the subscribers. Such unscrupulous casinos include the Atlantic Rouge Casino, the whereabouts of whose owners became a mystery when the subscribers started asking to be paid. Others with a dubious reputation include those run by the Crystal Palace Group (RTG) Casinos. The casino blacklist also includes other dubious names as Gold VIP Casino (RTG), Ministering Angel Casino, Naked Poker, Golden Palace Casino, and the Sunny Group.

The gamers associated with these sites often complain of shoddy software, excessive spamming and rude treatment on the part of the casino owners. The common complaint in a majority of these cases pertains to non-payment of the gaming amount earned by the game players. The casino blacklist also names some sites that are into promoting spamming by holding spamming contests, which is ethically wrong, while others are running without valid licenses to operate.

A few of the casino sites have such terms and conditions that only end up in heart burn for the game player. They allure you with promises of big bonuses and even give you some on enrollment to keep you hooked up, but later present you with conditions that ultimately make you lose. So the next time you feel like playing an online casino game, just don’t be taken in by their promises and allurements. Read the small print (their terms and conditions) carefully as well as reviews about them on various websites before you decide which site is the right one for you. recommends to be careful with the following brands:

  • Grand Prive properties
  • Bella Vegas Casino
  • Casino Grand Bay
  • Fortune Junction Casino
  • Jackpot Wheel Casino
  • Jupiter Club Casino
  • Lake Palace Casino
  • Roadhouse Reels Casino
  • Begado casino
  • Affpower Affiliates
  • Casinova Software properties
  • Lucky Traffic
  • Slots Alley Casino
  • Luck N' Roll Casino
  • Casino On Liner
  • Lucky Trump Casino
  • Magic Trump Casino
  • Lucky Tornado
  • Casino Titan
  • Pamper Casino
  • Jackpot Kings Casino
  • Gambling Federation properties
  • Crystal Palace Casino
  • American Grand Casino
  • Royal Circus Casino
  • Golden Palace Casino
  • Affactive affiliates
  • Slots Jungle
  • Golden Cherry Casino
  • WinPalace Casino


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