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Changes to Gaming Regulation in Atlantic City


Atlantic CityCasino industry faces a lot of changes over time, mostly in specific areas and this is seen in the recent changes that are taking place in Atlantic City. The gaming regulations are being changed in order to loosen the rules and allow the casinos to streamline their operations. The division of gaming enforcement has the mandate, until May 1, to change the casino regulations without any public hearing and other measures related to the standard procedures as seen before the transfer of the regulatory functions from Casino Control Commission to the Division.

One of the main changes that the Division brought about is the changes of the supervision of the casino floor. The existing rules state the numbers of the workers that each casino has but it has been changed to allow the individual casinos to decide on their own. The argument for this is that the business will e guided by their own policy to determine the staff it needs. Although many of the casinos have not reacted to the news of the staffing, it is predicted that many of them could use lay offs.

This is one of the main changes that will take place, as the DGE director states that the changes will be unleashed in bundles. The main reason for this is that the Division is in the process of taking over most of the duties of the CCC. The bill that contained these laws and others was signed in February 1 with the aim of reviving the City. The revival will involve the deregulation of the gaming, increasing the public safety resources as well as urban redevelopment.

The reason why the looser rules for casino gaming were established is to allow the different casinos to work more effectively and at the same time start and speed up the recovery from the recessions that hit the gaming industry, which is already suffering as a result of increased competition from the neighboring states. The changes carried out will be informed by a number of stakeholders in the Casino industry including the corporate representatives from the City’s 11 casinos, the analysts and patrons among others. The staffing of the Casino floor supervision and other changes are to be in effect for not more than nine months. This allows for a period in which the DGE will see how these reforms pan out before it solidifies the rules.

Apart from that, the DGE will allow the public to comment on the changes and take part in other types of procedures that form a part of the formal rule making process before the changes are made permanent. This means that, depending with the response; the rules could go back to what they were or could be altered. The process has solicited different types of reactions. Some of the people claim that the changes will bring about lack of transparency, and therefore call for caution and care when approaching it so that the public could understand why things are changing rapidly and at the same time, ensure that there are no Illegal activities.