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January 16, 2017

Checking out the LadyLucks casino app


The online casino gaming brand LadyLucks has been around for a while now, and so it’s a good time to see how they are taking on the competition with some innovative new games and slots promotions.

With many people having downloaded their mobile app, it’s clear that they have something over the others, and the quick and simple registration process makes it very easy to get straight into the action.

Registering your details will allow you to use a basic 4-digit pin to ensure that nobody is able to access your account should you leave your smartphone unattended. And with a range of digital payment options from the likes of Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Maestro, it means that you can get straight in the action.

Once you’ve registered, it’s pretty easy to use the clear mobile interface to navigate to the game of your choice. Unlike many similar gaming apps, the LadyLucks casino app has kept everything fairly streamlined so that your smartphone doesn’t seize up with unnecessary graphics and annoying adverts.

Promotions available on the official LadyLucks website
A lot of promotions are available on the official LadyLucks website

And it should also be mentioned that having so many different games contained in a single place makes it so much easier to play rather than having to switch between endless gaming apps.

In terms of the games on offer, there are traditional table games like blackjack and roulette that can add a touch of old-school charm to your gaming evening. The blackjack games work especially well on a mobile device as they feature streamlined HD graphics and an intuitive gameplay that can help you become the next Cat Hulbert.

Blackjack is always a good game to start with as you can play with as little as 50p, and the odds of making a win are often a lot more in your favour than other gambling games like slots. And with the intuitive controls and a cool turbo play feature, LadyLucks have given us all some great reasons to enjoy this iconic card game.

The roulette offerings are equally impressive with European and American versions of the table game available. Both styles make full use of amazing HD graphics that reveal the spinning of the roulette wheel with incredible realism, and similarly, the audio soundtrack of the ball finding its pocket adds a further touch of fun to the gaming action.

And just to prove the brand’s generosity, they’ve even included a few handy tips so that you can place your inside and outside bets with a little more confidence. Although roulette is often thought to be a mere game of chance, the inclusion of these tips has meant that we can all add a little expertise to our mobile gaming fun.

However, it’s when it comes to the slots games that LadyLucks really excels. With fun titles like Kitty Glitter and Golden Goddess, it’s clear that there’s pretty much something for every gaming niche.

What’s interesting is how many of the slots games have taken their inspiration from some pretty widespread places. Whether it’s hunting down the jackpot in the Golden Jungle, spinning the reels in the Dragon’s Temple, or even following the Voyages of Zheng He whilst you count your winnings, it all shows how much entertainment you can get from this great little gaming app.

LadyLucks is available on iTunes
You can download the LadyLucks casino application, directly from iTunes

Plus the addition of some slots games that have been based on famous TV characters such as Family Guy shows how serious the brand are about making a big impression on the competitive online casino gaming scene.

And if that wasn’t enough, there are plenty of great slots promotions on offer to help you get to grips with this potentially lucrative gambling game. With anything from £2,000 in shopping vouchers, to mega-jackpot prize pools of over £50,000, it’s clear that these fun little games can offer some seriously big cash prizes.

However, even if you’re a newcomer to online casino gaming, LadyLucks have made it a little easier to join in the action. This is because all new players get to enjoy a £500 first deposit offer that can provide you with a big payout within minutes of signing up to the gaming site.

Thankfully the gaming site has also revealed itself to be taking online security very seriously too with pin-protected accounts and full legislative licensing to ensure that you get to enjoy those slots promotions without fear of fraudulent activity.

But obviously, it’s not all just about the mobile app, as even if you fancy playing on a bigger screen, you can still enjoy all of these titles on the LadyLucks website. And with a constant roll-out of exciting new offers and promo codes on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages, it all shows how LadyLucks are definitely onto a winner.


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