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Critics on New Gambling Program for Law Enforcement in Casinos


BCLC LogoThere are usually rules in every game or any institution. The B.C Lottery corporation has worked out to launch a new program that is capable of cracking down on suspicious dealings in Casinos. There are set guidelines and rules to be followed in B.C Casinos such as passing chips or cash is highly forbidden between players. It is believed that it may be used as a way of money laundering. Critics say that the program does not have any serious consequences. On the other hand, the BCLC insists that it is enforcing the rule using something they call the comprehensive security layers. It is however known that the people caught passing any money or chips will not suffer any consequences on the first time. A person found guilty with the offense will be warned for the first and second time.

The consequences of being found passing chips or money when gambling for the third time is a suspension for two weeks from all casinos. If the person is persistent and if caught passing chips or money which is regarded as money laundering, he/she may receive a ban from all casinos for a period of three hundred and sixty five days if caught for the fifth time. This are some of the penalties that the offenders will take when caught and the critics are saying they are not harsh enough to discipline the offenders. One of the NDP gambling critics said that this are some of the reasons that are making people loose confidence in the Gambling Corporation. He said that the government does not handle real problems like this one seriously which are some of the issues tat people want fixed ones and for all.

The B.C corporation officials said that the rules applied to high stake gamblers who gamble in those high limit casino rooms. There was one of the said high limit gamblers who was revealed to have suspicious behavior in the past month. It was described as shocking because it involved the casino's greatest clients who were watched on CCTV as they parked their cars side by side just outside the casino. One of the suspects gets into his cart and produces a red bag which is filled with money and then the two men head to the high limit rooms and get into the washrooms together. One comes out and buys in for US$100,000 which he produces the money in US$ 100 bills. They have been seen severally doing the same thing and one of them was banned from going to any Casino in the province for a year but the other still has his freedom.

Critics believe that the new program is not to be trusted because the punishment or consequences are wanting. For example the above case shows that one of the gamblers suffered the other's faults and again the gambler who has access to casinos can still be able to do the tricks without being punished.