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October 25, 2014

Current Trends in the Casino Gaming Industry


2011 has come with new and interesting trends in the casino gaming Industry. After a lot of research all over the world, it has been noted that there are a number of trends that the worldwide casino Industry has to monitor in the year. These trends touch a variety of areas in the industry, ranging from the changes in the technology, the different types of policies and regulations as well as a shift in demographics and how they have influenced the industry. Although some of them are new and have never appeared in previous lists, most of them are believed to have been connected to other past issues that the industry has been focusing on for a long period.

One of the trends has seen a shift in competitiveness especially in the United States, where the operators have are becoming aggressive in both online and casino gaming in order to compete and surpass the commercial operators in order to be the main pioneers of online gaming. Some of the main stakeholders in the gaming industry have started advocating fro legalization of internet gaming in the US. Some of them are the broadband providers who have reported increase usage of their products as a result of internet gaming.

With the popularity of the Slots online games, the software developers and providers have started stream marketing the content to the slots as customized according to the needs of the players playing the game. The other noticeable trend in slots is the continuing development of games that are not only multi-player based but also skill-based. The developers have decided to make the most from the social appeal of these games without incurring high costs of the live table games that have been the tradition over the years.

In terms of security, there has been a world wide development of policies and regulations by both lawmakers and regulators. Most of these policies and laws are designed to not only identify or detect the use of online casino for money laundering but also to discourage and combat them. This has been a cause of worry to many people such as the law enforcement experts.

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In the financial front, the trend seen is that many investment banks have developed a renewed and greater interest in casino and online gaming. This is predicted to cause a number of deals such as acquisitions and mergers at variety of levels in the months to come. The interest has been facilitated by the increase of the commercial gaming as well as the shift in policies and the establishment of rules to ensure that online gaming is secure. Some of the regulators are serving not only as partners but also as protectors of the gaming revenue.

The prospect of the increase in and the global acceptance of online and casino gaming in the US has seen the increased interests by the global suppliers and operators, some of who have started pursuing the US partners. Others have started identifying the different opportunities that are available for them in order to become some of the first participants in the US online gaming industry.


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