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May 28, 2020

Customize a Poker Table: the Right Choices to Make


A perk in having a custom built poker table is you get to decide every little detail of it. The drawback, is getting overwhelmed with all the choices.

You will not only decide on the material, shape, and size of the table, there are other parts you have to think about, too. There’s the cover material for the rail, table padding, fabric, cup holders, and legs. Oh and don’t forget about the even smaller parts (although some of these are considered as advanced options for your poker table) such as the decorative nails or studs, automatic shuffler, table brush, ash trays, drop boxes, bill plungers and of course, the bill slots.

Ace Poker Table with Gold Waterproof Speed Cloth, Dark Walnut Stain, Jumbo Gold Cup Holders and 3-Toe Pedestal

If you are unfamiliar with bill slots, they are the slots built into the poker table where players insert the money or chips into the drop box. They also serve as decorative coverings for the holes that function as the opening to the drop box. Four holes assist in securely fastening the bill slots to the table.

They may seem insignificant compared to the parts of the poker table which you feel needs most of your attention. However, choosing the right bill slot for your custom poker table may prove to be harder than you think, especially if you want yours to be completely out of the ordinary.

When that happens, here are important things you have to know about bill slots that may come in handy for your custom-made poker table.

  • Material - Most bill slots are made of stainless steel. It’s a strong material and will last a long time, maybe even a lifetime. Although, if you’re looking for an unconventional, unique look for your poker table, you can ask the company you hired if they can make the bill slots from your preferred material. Perhaps brass or wood, depending on your choice.
  • Style and Design - The design of bill slots is pretty much standardized. As mentioned earlier, it’s a rectangular piece with four holes used to fasten the slot into the poker table. An elongated, oval hole is found at the center where coins, bills and chips will be inserted into the drop box.

The drop box holds the money that the players buy in with. A key securely locks the drop box into the poker table while a separate key is used to open it.

If you want to incorporate a little design into the otherwise simplistic style of the bill slot, you can have your bill slots carved in wood with artistic details added to make it stand out.

  • Size - Just like its style and design, a bill slot’s size is also standard. The plate’s overall outside dimensions are 5” x 2-¼” while the opening measures 2 ⅞” wide. But you don’t necessarily have to follow that; you can have it made smaller or bigger, depending on the size of your poker table (unless it’s for professional gaming).

Indeed, the bill slot is a pretty small and simple part of your custom poker table. They pretty much look the same, but with a little creativity, you can turn this humble piece into a unique detail that will further accentuate your custom-built poker table.

Ace Poker Table - Disney Pixar - Custom Table on Display at Pixar Animation Studios Features

Author: Jeff Grant (info)


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