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October 25, 2014

Cypriot police begin the next phase of crackdown on illegal gambling operators


the emblem of the Cyprus policeOnline gamers who may keen and avid attention to the latest online gambling news as it happens every day, need no reminding that a short while ago Cyprus began to clamp down on illegal gambling operators within the Mediterranean island country. As a matter of fact, the Cypriot authorities banned all online gambling, irrelevant of brand, status or legality in the country as part of their crackdown. Now, the Cypriot authorities have gone one step further to ensure a total lockdown on all gambling activities involving the internet, with a series of raids against illegal gambling operations.

The widely unpopular ban which is now the responsibility of the Cypriot police to enforce has for the most part been adhered to. However a small number of illegal gambling operations have been taking place, as highlighted by the lackluster total of computers and suspects seized in the recent raid.

Cypriot forces managed a woeful tally of computers, totally just over fifteen computers. The raids although widely condemned have become part and parcel of this new power handed to local police as they attempt to stamp out illegal online gambling once and for all. Cypriot authorities however have quite clearly stated the reason behind their logic.

The Cypriots in charge have commented that the raids are only made to ensure that illegal online sports betting is eradicated from Cyprus, under the new regulations that prohibit sports betting premises from offering online betting to their clients.

According to reports across the internet, the Cypriot police managed to seize several owners, employees and players during the raids, which were conducted with warrants during the evening. A total of nineteen are believed to have been arrested in addition to the computer count, leading many to believe that the number of operations acting illegally is few, and that for the most part the citizens of Cyprus are obeying the harsh new laws.

One potential negative effect of the new law means that Cyprus will no longer be able to rely on the wealthy tax incomes that gambling revenues bring. At a time of economic crisis and with their Greek neighbor’s plight being felt on the island nation, the new law appears to be foolhardy. The Cypriot economy isn’t faring as badly as Greece’s though neither is it flourishing. The total financial implications of the new anti-online gambling law are not yet published, but experts widely predict a decline in the amount of revenue the Mediterranean island county will receive due to the law.


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