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October 25, 2014

Danish gambling authority block more illegal gambling sites


National coat of arms of DenmarkThe gambling authorities in Denmark have taken an additional step in ensuring that more of what they call “illegal gambling sites” in their country becomes inaccessible to the Danish online gambling players this week, by adding additional online gambling sites to their notorious blacklist.

The Danish gambling authorities claim that the new blacklisting operators were all given extensive warnings to remove their businesses from the country by making the site inaccessible to Danish players, and have – according the Danish gambling authorities – not complied with that request.

After taking legal advice from the Danish Bailiffs court in Frederiksberg, 3 Danish internet provider has now begun the process of blocking access to the new sites, in addition to the many already sitting on the Danish gambling authorities blacklist. Additional internet service providers are expected to follow suit within the next few weeks.

The newly blacklisted casinos include Casino Del Rio, which is run by Zirconium Gaming and uses Playtech software. This online casino is believed to be licensed in Kahnawake.

Two Euro Partners casinos have also found themselves on the blacklist this week. Europa Casino and Titan Casino have also been blocked. Licensed out of Antigua and Barbuda; both of these websites also run Playtech software, although they are also running Videobet software alongside it.

Two of the biggest names on the blacklist include All Slots Casino and All Jackpot Casino. These world famous online gambling sites are a part of the Jackpot Factory Group. Also licensed out in Kahnawake, these two websites are run by Microgaming.

1Bet2Bet is also blacklisted this week. Licensed out of Gibraltar, the United Kingdom and Kahnawake, this site uses the Merge Gaming Network and Stream2Play software.

And lastly, Mega Money Games run by Dreammakers Gaming Tech have also been banned. They have their license in Costa Rica, and frequently use their own software to run their site.

The move to blacklist these casinos isn’t anything new this year. Earlier in the year, Serbia and Denmark agreed at roughly the same time to begin blacklisting sites and they were joined soon afterwards by the Belgian gambling authorities, as well as gambling authorities in Spain, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Many of the online gambling companies are arguing that the blockading of their online gambling sites violates the European Union’s jurisdiction over gambling and free markets, however the EU itself has been mum on the entire subject for the moment; instead taking their time deliberating over what to do about the matter.

As bad as things have gotten for blacklisted casinos in Denmark, no where matches the type of onslaught that the Belgian gambling authorities have struck on illegal gambling sites. There it is almost impossible to gain access to any of the major sites, and the Bwin Group have even found themselves in court with one of their officials detained by the police in recent weeks, an action that has been widely condemned by the online gaming community.


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