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October 25, 2014

Enjoy Poker Playing On Free Poker Sites


Everyday the numerous free poker sites are being launched but many of them don’t offer a fair deal. Before a player opts for a poker website, they should go through its reviews which will throw light on whether or not the respective website is good. Poker is a game of cards which involves betting and the winner is decided by the combination of cards and the rank. Nowadays in poker game, the first betting starts with forced bet by any one of the players.

The game then begins in a clockwise direction and each player is needed to make the fastest match. The player whose cards match the bet gets the permission to increase the bet amount. The game ends when either of the players has matched the bet or folded. Playing poker online has become very common these days. Poker game has many variations where all of them follow a similar pattern and hand ranking hierarchy. Here, four different poker variants are given below:

  • Straight: each player gets a complete set of hand and all of them have to bet in round one where both raising and re-raising is permitted.
  • Stud poker: here prearranged combination of cards is dealt. This combination includes face-up rounds and face-down rounds also known as streets.
  • Draw poker: each player gets a complete set of hand, face-down, and players are permitted to change their hands after the betting is done. The change of hands can take place by dealing new ones and discarding unwanted ones.
  • Community card poker: the players are given an incomplete set of hand with cards facing-down. After this a certain count of community face-up cards are dealt on the table’s center. Each card from this center dealt, can be taken by the players to reach a hand of 5 cards.

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Players will be able to chose a good poker site if they know what exactly poker game is, how to play different types of poker game, and their basic playing strategies. The websites which offer poker playing service also provides ways to play along with detailed description of what this game is all about.

Those players who are new to this game should pick the easiest poker variation because this will enhance their abilities and make them learn this game better. A good and reliable free poker sites is one which provides complete knowledge and tactics to play this game.

There are two ways of playing poker online. One is to play directly on the gaming website which provides this facility. The other is to download the poker game software from a website, install it on your computer, and play whenever you want. Websites can offer free poker software as well as paid ones. The software which is free to download will be a trail one while the software which is paid will be the real poker software. The beginners can opt for a free trial version and after they become experienced, they can purchase the paid poker software.


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