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October 25, 2014

Euro Millions French Lottery site hacked by Morrocanghosts


The French Euro Millions homepage hacked by Morrocan GhostsThe Euro Millions’ French website was hacked over the weekend and the original homepage of the European wide lottery site was replaced by a single page quoting Muslim scripture from the Koran that condemns gambling.

Morrocanghosts are believed to be the group behind the attack, although other than their name, little else is known about them. French authorities have reason to believe that the website attack has been done by youths familiar with web scripting and hacking knowledge.

According to translations of the French Euro Millions site, in English the verses from the Koran are said to mean that gambling and the consumption of alcohol are the “works of the devil”, and that by indulging in them, people are turned away from God.

The FDJ (Francaise des Jeux) company that runs the Euro Millions scratch cards, internet bingo and other online gambling games insisted that none of its other sites or games were affected by the hacking, which has nonetheless caused a small amount of fury amongst the gambling community. Despite this, gamers are to have the assurances of the Francaise des Jeux that none of their sensitive information, banking or personal was disclosed during the hacking, and that none of the games were compromised in any way by the hackers either.

After the hacking the Euro Millions site remained inaccessible to users throughout Sunday evening, despite the fact that the Koranic message had been removed and replaced with one by the site itself expressed technical difficulties as the explanation for the downed website.

Despite this the website was not fully operational again until today, after being downed on Monday with the FDJ transferring all users to their main page, away from the Euro Millions site itself. The Francaise des Jeux site itself was also out of action on Sunday, despite assuring gamers that this was due to alternative reasons.

The Euro Millions operates perfectly legally within the French gambling laws, and the Euro Millions website itself is played in nine European countries. The FDJ page is just one of the nine Euro Millions pages on the internet, and is available only in French as one might expect.

The hacking of the website quoting the Koran is not the first time small bands of religious fanatics have attacked websites in Europe over the last few years. Several other companies have been targeted, although this has diminished somewhat in the last few months, due to companies acquiring strong programmers and rigid security protocols. The French website is believed to have been poorly defended and written by programmers not as adept as those in the rest of Europe, which might explain how Morrocanghosts, an unknown bunch of amateur hackers managed to achieve their goal.


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