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October 25, 2014

Filipino police once again stamp out illegal gambling in the country


Patrocinio Comendador (Cebu Provincial Police Director)Last weekend, the Filipino police once again stamped their authority over the behind the scenes of gambling industry by cracking down once more on illegal gaming in the country. Over the last year, the Philippines has been the scene for many police raids and arrests over citizens (and foreigners) setting up and playing illegal gambling games in the Asian country. [ see also → Gambling raids in Malaysia ]

In the latest from the Philippines however, there is a great mistrust as many leading officials believe certain regions of the country have escaped punishment. Police forces in the country’s Cebu province have been demanded to turn in detailed reports of their activities by today.

Patrocinio Comendador, the Cebu Provincial Police Director has given all chiefs (twenty four of them) in the province a mere forty eight hours to reflect and submit a report on why the vast majority of them have failed to apprehend any suspects and to enforce the countries strict illegal gambling laws in their districts.

Earlier in the month, Mr. Comendador requested that all police chiefs were to submit weekly reports, detailing what they had done in the fight against illegal gambling. Only twenty six police chiefs out of forty four towns and six cities were able to submit a summary of their actions.

Despite the lack of raids and arrests in Cebu province, the Cebu Provincial Police Director has stated that he does indeed have a list of all the most serious culprits, financiers, “businessmen” and gamblers involved in illegal gambling in the province, and that all that is stopping the authorities from raiding and arresting the lawbreakers is the right moment.

In the Philippines, illegal gambling is rife, although admittedly not as serious a problem as it was a mere year ago. In a little under a year, the Filipino police have worked tirelessly to rid themselves of illegal gambling in the country, which has one of the largest markets in Asia.

Police officers who fail to submit their report by today will be hit with a charge of simple neglect of duty, or a more potentially serious grave neglect of duty, which carries with it a minimum suspension of thirty days.

Many theories have been proposed as to why the police chiefs have failed to submit reports, from threats from mob bosses to bribery. Despite this, all of the twenty four police chiefs who are yet to submit reports to Mr. Comendador have insisted that their report will be ready by today’s deadline, and furthermore that it would detail their accomplishments in helping the fight to crack down on illegal gambling in the Philippines.


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