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October 25, 2014

Florida Lottery to Rebrand


The Florida Lottery logoFlorida residents voted to have a government regulated gambling industry 25 years ago but it now seems the body mandated to do the regulating is not up to the task. The Florida lottery is said to be struggling to keep up with the demands of the growing industry. Gambling sales are said to have gone so very low. The lottery is also accused of being very sluggish in its approach to online media. This is even as other forms of gambling such as the Indian managed casinos and cyber cafes continue taking away their customers.

The area authorities are aware of the problem and have resulted to rebranding. They have decided to use rebranding in a bid to move the lottery from the current problems facing it and steer it to better sales. The lottery officials said they would look into everything afresh in a bid to see what can be done to increase gambling sales in the area. They explained that if need be nothing would be spared; not even the 1980 flamingo logo.

In the next couple of days, the lottery is set to start a number of projects aimed at increasing the number of people visiting gambling sites in the area. They are targeting to bring new customers as well as arouse the interest of the old customers into the game.

This financial period the Florida lottery saw some remarkable improvement in ticket sales. For the first time in a period of four years, ticket sales brought in over four billion dollars. This was an improvement but was still less than the sales reached in the year 2007 by about 4 percent. If the rebranding plan still works, it would mean more money can be availed for provide scholarships and build classrooms. The lottery has a responsibility to develop such projects that are beneficial to the society using money that has been generated from gambling sales.

Cynthia O’Connell said the main problem facing the lottery was that they were not bringing in any more new gamblers. She said their player base was getting older by day. The lottery now has the challenge of ensuring they bring in some more new players to create a vibrant and gigantic player base.

So far, the lottery has been a strong contributor to the public education system having contributed over 20 billion dollars so since it was formed. One major priority of the lottery is to rebuild Though the site attracts over 3 million visitors a month, It is still outdated compared to most other sites. The work to redesign the site is expected to start late this august after the person to do it has been picked. The intention is to come up with a site that is easier to navigate and one that the administrators can easily update.

Up to now, the lottery had not moved into social media. The lottery does not have a Facebook or twitter account. The lottery officials say this is their next move as they have realized it is an effective way to reach customers.


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