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October 25, 2014

Florida is Ready To Regulate Online Poker


Joseph AbruzzoIn a move that is expected to generate public uproar, lawmakers in Florida have resolved to act on illegal gambling activities by proposing quick enactment of legislation that will effectively regulate online poker. The move comes days after their counterparts in New Jersey successfully passed an online gambling bill for their state. Once passed by the senate, Florida will become the first state where online casinos are made to work through a regulated system. According to the proposal by Representative Joseph Abruzzo, sunshine state could be the first one to abide by the new laws come July 1st if the lawmakers approve it. Their seriousness on the matter has been underlined by the speed in which they have embarked on debating the proposed laws. All signs so far indicate that the possibilities of the bill passing are almost total even as gaming experts exude confidence that the move will flop.

For the lovers of gambling, they view this move as being ill-timed and totally uninformed since it will directly affect their participation in the game. They will however be banking on the fact that the mover of the motion to regulate online poker in Florida comes from the minority party thus might lack the numbers to succeed. Actually, this is not the first time that an onslaught on the gambling industry has been fronted from the corridors of power. It is traditionally known in Florida that conservatives are always not supportive of any form of gambling and as such would do anything to make sure it is regulated. It was only when governor Charlie Crist led a fruitful negotiation for combat with the Seminole Indians that a change to that effect was realized even though not much has changed on the part of lawmakers. This was however against the opposition of his party members but after long consultations and negotiations they were able to unanimously reach an agreement.

Charlie CristThere is however a positive aspect of this proposed legislation which not many of the gamblers can easily notice. The regulation bill is going to help generate more income for the city on top of regulating the game. Contrary to the belief of many, the bill anchored by Abruzzo recognizes that this is the right time to expand the gambling industry by encouraging many people to bet online at a regulated manner. Regulation in this case does not mean that people will be restricted on how and when to play gambling but will try to protect the players from the online frauds and scammers who might be waiting to pounce on them. Therefore, regulation here means more to protecting players than the game itself.

Currently, there are millions of Floridians who are betting online with many placing their bets in unregulated sites which is very dangerous as it exposes them to frauds thus the need to support the new move by Abruzzo. The senate is considering sensitizing locals about the whole concept of this piece of legislation which is vital in making them have a clear understanding of the bill.


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