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October 25, 2014

From Brussels, Michel Barnier talks about Online Gambling in the Euro-zone


Michel Barnier (European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services)The European Commission has revealed plans for tighter control of the online gambling market in Europe, a letter yesterday revealed. The European Commission, just a part of the massive European Union juggernaut has long been trying to set up one set of rules and regulations for the entire Euro-zone, and thus far the individual countries have been able to hold it back. Until now...

At a press conference in Brussels, the EU’s Internal Market and Services Commissioner, Michel Barnier revealed the latest stance and action plan of the organization, along with a brief introduction about online gambling in Europe.

Mr. Barnier believes that most citizens in Europe are gambling online and that they must be protected from fraudsters. He went on to sight that there are too many fraudsters and money launderers in European online gambling, and that sports much be protected against match fixing and that all countries national gambling laws must comply with the European Union.

Mr. Barnier also called for more cooperation between the member states of organization, and has revealed that the EU has a two year plan it plans to drop onto the online gambling market in Europe. Although the plan excluded an outright EU legislation on online gambling (for the moment); they did propose a series of measures and principles for protecting the gamers themselves from the unregulated and illegal online gambling in Europe.

The European Commission wants each member state to retain the right of having freedom to regulate online gambling as they see fit, though not without the laws being in compliance of European Union. At present, the European Union claims that countries are flouting this and wants the right to investigate into cases and probe into each country’s gambling markets.

It isn’t all tyrannical bad news for online casinos and sportsbooks however. The EU is prepared to offer extensive help and prevention programs for problem gamers, and the decision made yesterday should see security and protection software companies doubling their efforts to provide new verification checks and content filters to be in unison with the EU’s laws.

Later this year (December) the EU is planning to meet with its member states to go over some of the principles and to hear how each state regards online gambling and how they run their regulations. In 2013, a stake holder conference is to be held on the matter at the European Commission.

The online casino operators themselves however, will have their complaints heard in the European Commission against any member state. From this day forth, the member states will have to answer to the European Commission and provide and update as to the situation and reasoning behind the complaints, and the reason why a given gambling operator is banned must stand up the EU law.


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