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October 25, 2014

Gambling Debate on Poker in France


AAMS & ARJEL logosOnline gambling has been a point of focus in France, at the gambling debate that took place in Paris on June 29. Most of the online gambling operators have complained about the poor benefits and the slowly rate at which the sector is flourishing. They also added that they are unable to collect the profit that is rightfully theirs because of the tax base. In the light of such complaints, Senator Francois Trucy stated that he supports change when it comes to taxation, just like the online casino operators. It seems like this is the only way which the online poker results could be improved. He also added that the move to improve online poker in France will help marking the market more attractive thus reducing the enthusiasm of players in joining illegal sites.

Apart from the complaints on French online poker, there has been a debate on the authorization of casino games. The debate also handled the problem of identity card control- a measure designed to prevent minors from participating in gambling. Some of the issues highlighted in the debate included the fact that the validation period of the accounts is too short, offering inadequate time for the operators to control the age of the player. The President of SOS players, Armelle Achour, on behalf of the association proposed that there should be a limit on deposits to protect clients from loss of money. It was also proposed that the amount of money lost and the time taken on the website should be displayed on the website.

In other French casino news, ARJEL - the Authority of regulating online gambling and AAMS - the equivalent in Italy, have signed an agreement establishing the partnership between the two. The MoU was signed by the president of ARJEL- Jean Francois Vilotte and the president of AAMS Raffaele Ferrara on June 28, in Rome.

The agreement focuses on the coordination between the two organizations in the coordination of legislation of online gambling. The two will cooperate on various aspects such as protecting players from gambling addiction and scams, as well as controlling illegal sites. The signing of the agreement follows a discussion in the past month, and it allows the two authorities to exchange different experiences which would help in the improvement of online poker operators and players in France and Italy.

With this agreement, it is possible for French players to play on Italian websites in the future. All European players of online poker are able to access and play poker on French websites. According to the AAMS, both bodies will set p various working groups that will allow them share information on various aspects so that they can benchmark with each other.

A representative added that while the two organizations did not discuss on sharing liquidity, there is a provision under the Italian law enabling both countries to pool liquidity for a small amount. However, it is not yet clear what kind of impact this collaboration will have on local players, since both organizations have not offered information to address that.


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