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October 25, 2014

Get Exciting Bonuses At Fortune Affiliates


Are you tired of spending your money on online casinos that seem to care less about you? Then you need to consider playing your casino games at any of the Fortune Affiliates' casino brands like Platinum Play or Royal Vegas Casino. Here, everybody recognizes your presence and as such, you stand several chances of winning very exciting prizes. Among the benefits that Fortune Affiliates rewards its players with are the fantastic casino bonuses.

These bonuses are designed to entice and encourage players to continue playing at the site. They also enable the players to realize the total value of their money, energy and time they spend on the site. Fortune Affiliates has a variety of casino bonuses each of which has its own benefits and conditions. The best thing about these bonuses is that they apply to different casino games offered by the affiliates.

The first type of bonus that you will benefit from at Fortune Affiliates is the welcome bonus. This bonus is also referred to as the sign up bonus or even the new players’ bonus. Fortune Affiliates offers an average of $100 to a newcomer as a welcome bonus. However, this varies with the affiliate casino brand. It is also not paid in one lump sum but rather, in monthly increments.

Depending on the casino brand you subscribe to, these welcome bonuses will be divided into match and percentage bonuses. Percentage deposits at Fortune Affiliates vary according to the amount you deposit. Reload bonus is the other type of bonus that you will benefit from once you subscribe to any of the Fortune Affiliates casino brands. This is much the same as the welcome bonus and it requires you to constantly reload your account and continue gambling.

Platinum Play

Fortune Affiliates offers another type of bonus known as the preferred deposit bonus. This is normally the form of bonus that is offered once you use the different preferred methods of online payments. Again, the amount of preferred deposit bonus you get depends on the amount of money you deposit. It is therefore important the players should deposit enough money that will earn them the largest amount of bonus.

Fortune Affiliates also offers a no deposit bonus. This bonus does not require you to make any deposits. It only comes as an incentive to encourage you to continue playing your casino games at the site. As a newcomer, you can get up to $10 in form of no deposit bonus.

Furthermore, you will get a loyalty bonus that is normally meant for regular players. It is also meant for players who have reached at the seniority levels. The higher status you earn the more loyalty casino bonuses you get. This type of bonus comes in various percentages depending on the level of seniority you are in. Most of these online casino bonuses are meant to improve the quality of gaming as well as create a good rapport between the Fortune Affiliates and their customers. Apart from Bonuses, Fortune Affiliates also provides its customers with a variety of exciting promotions such as tickets to go cruising among others.


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