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October 25, 2014

Government Starts Targeting Betting Promotions


The AFL & NRL logosThe Australian gambling industry faces yet another blow as the government starts targeting betting promotions. Sports broadcasts are facing a major threat of being put on the axe come June 2012. This is because the federal government has issued an ultimatum to television networks and bookmakers to take control of the run betting carried out during broadcasts. The government further states that if this is not done it will be forced to introduce laws that ban the same.

This was decided by the gambling state and federal ministers when they met sometime back in Canberra. At the end of their meeting, they had come to the conclusion that reins should be tightened for the purpose of controlling live odd promotions which are often carried out during sports coverage. The target has been set for the live odds usually on scoreboard sport events and television broadcasts.

NRL and AFL have expressed their concerns about the increased proliferation of spruiking by commentators. The concern lies in the fact that this should be used as part of the show. In response to these concerns the minister for communication Stephen Conroy has already issued directives to the effect that no more contracts should be drawn up for the purpose if in game bets whether on TV or scoreboards.

As such, broadcasters as well as bookmakers have given till the end of June 2012 to address these concerns. If this is not done promptly, then the government says it will be forced to come up with legislation against odds promotion. This will be a major blow and what is more, it applies to all sports apart from horse racing.

The ministers are in agreement that commentators have taken out rightly pushing viewers into making a decision and this is what they have to eliminate. In this manner, viewers will be left to use their own discretion to decide which gambling promotions to take and the ones to overlook. However, since there are some contracts which were drawn up before this directive was given, they are going to be carried to completion.

With such a tough stance, the leading gambling stations have already starting to contemplate the options at their disposal. This is in order to become better prepared for what awaits them in the near future. They are of the view they can continue to advertise the promotions but in a responsible manner.

Note that while the Australian government has raised these concerns, they have not talked about exotic pets gambling which has been a thorny issue with the AFL and NRL in the past. While this is the case, these area is also being scrutinized and for this reason, most gamblers are holding their breath in anticipation of what is going to come in the future. It is only expected that with such demands being issued by the government, gambling promotions will be advertised more responsibly. For gamblers, this gives them the opportunity to make individual and independent decisions while gambling. Whether this directive works or not is something that is yet to be seen.


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