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November 19, 2013

Great Griffin: the next big slot game at 7 Sultans Casino


The new Online Slot 'Great Griffin'Fortune Lounge Group blogs recently hosted announcements that a new slot game is now available at 7 Sultans Casino. The game went live on February 8 as part of the Microgaming Viper casino platform. This same platform is used by other Fortune Lounge Group casinos, including Platinum Play, Royal Vegas. This promising new game goes by the name Great Griffin, and it features interactive play and eye-catching animation.

Great Griffin is slated to be the next big slot game at 7 Sultans Casino and the other Fortune Lounge Group casinos. The game is named after a creature from Greek Mythology. The griffin is an animal that combines features of two other real animals: the head, breast and front claws of an eagle and the hindquarters of a lion.

Because lions and eagles are considered kings of their respective classes of animals, the griffin has always been considered an especially majestic legendary beast that could often be found among hordes of treasure.

The Great Griffin slot game features the griffin in the medieval setting of an alchemist’s castle. Other decorative objects in the slot game include potions, crystals, magic wands and spell books. However, the primary visual attraction of the game is an animated griffin that flies around the reels. The griffin also plays a role in the game. When the griffin scratches symbols with its claws, they turn into double-payout griffin symbols.

Great Griffin - Free SpinsThe game mechanics of Great Griffin uses four rows and 50 pay-lines. Winning spins range from free spins to 50,000 coins. However, the game also has a bonus round with payouts of up to 750,000 coins. The bonus game is the called the Pick Me Bonus and is activated when the symbols of three women in hoods display in the last three reels. This makes available three sets of free spins that carry bonus multipliers.

The three sets of spins are 5 free spins with a 10x bonus, 10 free spins with a 5x bonus and 15 free spins with a 3x bonus. When a player gets the bonus, he or she can choose whichever set is preferred. If the bonus free spins payout other bonus free spins, the multipliers are combined.

Fortune Lounge Group is optimistic about this new slot game because it features so many elements that are popular in other online slot games. In addition, it has an interactive design that is both fun and entertaining.


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