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How Gambling is Impacting on Today Social Life


Gambling addiction vignetteIn the modern world, technology plays a major role in the development of various gambling games and practices. Similarly, technology plays an equally important role in marketing and popularizing such games. One of the most popular and fast growing market for the gambling industry is Internet. Even then, technology is not solely to be blamed for the spreading popularity of gambling games especially in the recent past. The effects of gambling should not only be linked to technology as there are offline gambling markets that are equally showing off particular potentials in the creation of social concerns. As much as a the gambling industry has a lot of positives, the constant and progressive introduction of new games, has given rise to a number of collateral effects in the modern society.

Majority of gambling games are addictive. They are addictive in the sense that in the occasion that one wins, then he will be motivated to keep on playing to make more wins; and in the occasion that one loses, then, such a person will keep on playing hoping to win back what he lost and possibly make more money. The losers and winners of gambling games are driven by the same desire to keep on playing. That desire to win and win and make more and more money, slowly makes one to get addicted to such games without even realizing it.

Gambling games require money to be played and for this reason, the probability of a win or a lose is 50-50. In the occasion that a player makes lots of loses, such a person may want to recover the lost money and therefore may end up losing even more. In such occasions, one will spend more than he had actually budgeted for, and therefore straining oneself financially. In severe cases, one can even decide to use money budgeted for other uses, to gamble and hence leading to negligence other responsibility. In some cases one might lose so much in gambling that he ends losing all his property to pay for the gambling bets and debts he incurred.

In the occasion that one has a family or is married, the addiction may make such a person to forget about the responsibilities he has to his family. If care is not taken, then such negligence can lead to breaking relationship or even one’s getting divorced for failure to be responsible. Even then gambling games are meant to be played and enjoyed just like other games. But in the event that the games turn to be problems for players, then it's better for one to try stop playing the games. In the occasion that one is not able to stop playing gambling games because of a major addition, then professional help should be sort.

Because the use of the internet is becoming more and more widespread, internet gambling games are equally doubling up and hence causing more and more people to get involved as compared to offline gambling. These effects have led states to introduce tough regulation and some countries like Cyprus have moved to ban online gambling, which is being blamed the most, compared to offline gambling.