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October 25, 2014

How to decide to go All-in or Fold when Playing Poker


The difficult decision to go 'All-In' while playing poker Playing poker is an extremely nerve wracking and a highly stressful game what with important decisions needing to be made most of the time whilst playing. These decisions are highly important because they are not just decisions about playing money, when playing poker many are playing with and for hard, cold cash.

Many believe that one of the most difficult decisions to make when playing poker is whether to go all in or fold. This is one of the most difficult and important decisions to make, as it decides as to whether you go forward in the game with the hand you have or whether you end your game there and try your luck next time round. Unless you have poker tactic software, like many players now do these days, then you may have no idea as to what kind of hand your other players are holding which can make the decision even harder to call.

When deciding as to whether to go all in or fold in a poker game, there are many different considerations to take into place. For example, how many chips you have and how much you’re prepared to lose if the game did take a turn for the worst. If you don’t take these crucial figures into consideration then you may find yourself out of pocket and out of a game.

Another factor to be taken into consideration when deciding whether to go all in or fold is what you have in your hand. For example, if you feel confident about your hand then you should continue throughout the game, yet if you don’t feel confident, you should fold and call it quits. If you have a mediocre feeling around your hand then it's up to your gambling instinct to decide what to do, as this is a choice only you and you yourself can call.

Possibly the most important factor that has to be taken into consideration is what you believe the other players hold in their hands too. If you feel more confident about your own hand than what they may be holding then you would of course go ahead. But how do you try and work out what your other players may be holding? Well, if you’ve monitored their behavior throughout previous games and this game, you may begin to notice a pattern in their playing. If so, then characteristic behavior outside of this pattern may indicate a strong hand and thus would be in your best interests to fold and get them next time!

Generally, choosing to go all in or fold should be an informed decision based on what you know about your opponents, how much you’re willing to lose if it did go wrong and how confident you are. Another factor could be how willing you are to bluff as well. Overall, after taking these factors into consideration, you should just go with what the information is telling you and if it does all go wrong, at least you tried!


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