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May 25, 2020

How to keep a Poker Face whilst Playing Poker


A typical Poker Face (Chris Ferguson)When playing poker, body language and eye movement is crucial in figuring out what sort of hand your opponents may be holding and it's even more crucial that your own body language and eye movement is under control whilst you're playing. If it’s not then you may find yourself losing more hands than you win.

Here are some tips in order for you to maintain your body language and poker face whilst playing poker.

Eye contact

Ever wondered why some professional poker players wear sunglasses? Well, this is all to do with eye contact and if you’re serious when playing with the pro’s you may consider doing the same. Professional and experience poker players will be able to tell the strength of your hand from your eye contact with other players and thus will be able to determine as to whether to fold or rise. But another reason why sunglasses can be so important at the poker table is because your eyes can reflect and an experienced poker player may be able to read your cards from the reflection in your eyes.

Remain the same

No matter what hand you receive, you should act and remain exactly the same within your body language and eye contact. So for example, don’t smile when you receive a bad hand thinking you’ll put other players off the trail as an experienced poker player will see right through this facade and will play against it.

Same as, don’t begin shaking or getting nervous during a game of poker, as other players will also catch onto this and then do their best in order to unsettle you further. If you remain cool and collected, you may be the player that comes out on top.

Avoid nervous body movement

Some new poker players will often become unaware of nervous body language that other poker players at the table will be increasingly aware of, and thus will see right through you. Some nervous body language to avoid would be hair touching, nail biting, or tapping of poker chips on the table. This would be extremely obvious for other players as to what hand strength you possessed and thus would bring your game right down.

Be confident

The more confident you appear on a poker table, the more unsettled your opponents will begin to feel. People who are bluffing generally avoid eye contact, so you should keep as much eye contact with your opponents as possible and don’t be the one who backs down and looks away, as this will make you look weak. You should be aggressive in your hand and show you will not back down for any reason.

Last but not least

Never say anything to your opponents such as “I think you’re lying” as this could point the finger at you and thus make other players play on this. Not only that, but this could make you predictable to more experienced players.

Overall, if you aim to win and monitor others and your own body language then you’ll find that you’re not only more confident, but a slightly better off too!

Author: Jeff Grant (info)


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