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October 25, 2014

How to Successfully Bluff in Poker


Poker's Pro Vanessa RoussoSince bluffing is such an important factor when playing poker at a table rather than online, it's no wonder that so many poker players are spending so much time perfecting their bluffing skill. The best bluffers in poker are generally the richest players, and bluffing is a skill that can be perfected by anyone, and with this guide, you’ll be bluffing like the pro’s in no time.

The first thing to do in order to successfully bluff when playing poker is to determine how many opponents are at the table. This is crucial when determining whether to bluff this game or not and what your chances of winning will be if you do bluff.

The reason is because one or two opponents will be easier to force to fold than say five or six opponents. So, this is something you should also take into consideration when choosing a table to play at as well. Try and wait until the game is just beginning and then join in so you get to the tables with less people. First things first, and the most crucial part in beginning a successful bluff is when you receive your cards to keep a plain face and show no disappointment and no excitement.

This is a way of giving no indication to other opponents as to how strong your hand is. In the first round of betting make sure you bet, or raise someone else’s bet. This will also make you seem confident to others.

Continue betting throughout the other rounds consistently and effectively as this will intimidate your opponents and will lead them to think you’re holding a winning hand. Your opponents may keep rising too which will mean if your bluff is successful, you’ll receive a higher winning pot! Your opponents may also fold which mean you win anyway.

If your opponents continue through to the river card, then this is when you must up your game and make a bet that is extremely threatening to the other player's game. Don’t bet out of the ordinary for you though, as if you do this may look suspicious and they will catch you bluffing. If your opponents continue again through to the turn card, you must make a large bet out of the ordinary for your previous betting standards.This will threaten other opponents even more and begin to unsettle them, hopefully your opponents will then fold and the game will be yours. If not, then you’ll be stuck with a losing pot and lost money.

If this bluff goes well, then it’s a sure way of gaining yourself some extra funds, yet if it doesn’t you will lose funds. The key for bluffing is to be precise and normal, stick to one characteristic style of playing and then up it at the end. This will unsettle your opponents and will help you win. Bluffing is a great way of getting by in poker but it doesn’t always last, if you do have a really terrible hand, you may be better off folding and playing another round as if your opponents are pro’s they may be bluffing you just as much.


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