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May 28, 2020

Hungary put a stop to slot machine gambling in their country


Szerencsejáték Zrt. logoIn Hungary all is set to put an end to slot gambling in their country. The government of Hungary has apparently had enough with gambling and their latest sweeping move is thought to involve a complete ban on every single slot machine in the country. This may seem a fairly drastic move for a country that receives roughly $135 million (HUF 30,000,000,000) a year in taxable gambling revenue, but they appear to have thought it through beforehand.

The decisions comes after a Monday morning meeting of the Hungarian cabinet, who are said to have felt that gambling has a negative effect on the Hungarian society. In a rather more bewildering statement from the Central European country, it is also believed they are to have commented that gambling represents a threat to national security. At least that is the story coming out from the currently ruling Fidesz party in the country.

Although the party was generally vague on the specific reasons why they find so much wrong with gambling, Janos Lazarm a top politician within the Fidesz government stated that they find certain slot machine players risky.

Contradicting their own policies and opinions, three government-endorsed and run casinos will remain in the country following the cull of all gambling establishments. This is sure to spark fury amongst gamblers and anti-gamblers alike, many of whom will undoubtedly call the Hungarian government hypocrites, for failing to do one or the other.

Fidesz, who currently enjoy a two third majority in the Hungarian parliament, is ready to pass the law as early as today and the law could come into effect in a mere few weeks time, perhaps less. Politician Lazar went on to state that he and his party and looking for quick implementation of the law to effectively decide the fate of gambling once and for all, and to stop lobbyists from influencing the countries lawmakers into fighting the changes.

In a move of apparent goodwill, the Hungarian government has stated that this is all being done for the good of the Hungarian people with poor or underprivileged means. This they claim is what is best for them to stop them from spending their last money on gambling.

Szerencsejatek – the online internet gambling monopoly in Hungary – have yet to find out what the change of law means for them. Although in Hungary online gambling is illegal, many look to out of state sites to play (also illegal). There is also a law banning bank transfer from banks to offshore gambling accounts. Just quite how this will affect state-owned Szerencsejatek who are hoping to evade the ban, and probably will.

Author: Jeff Grant (info)


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