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October 25, 2014

Inkabet: First South American sports betting and casino site


In a recent announcement, iGaming software developer Offsidegaming said it had signed a content deal with the Inkabet to provide the software platform for a new sportsbook site in Peru. Through this partnership, the two companies are looking to provide the very first sportsbook for the benefit of South American sports gamblers.

Since the company's introduction in 2008, Offsidegaming has been operating as a B2B sportsbook software provider with a focus on the sports betting markets in Central and Eastern Europe as well as South America. The company's turnkey software solution includes a sports betting module, banking module, bonus development and marketing tools, player tracking, fraud surveillance and a customer service module. The software is available to players through the use of downloaded software and in instant play or flash mode with common web browsers. The company has also developed a mobile app that is accessible by players with smart phones and tablets that work in conjunction with common operating systems like iOS and Android.

Along with its full service sports book, Inkabet will also be providing access to a full slate of casino games that include gaming options like video poker, scratch cards, table games, classic slot and video slots. The principles at Inkabet see the South American market as fertile ground for future expansion. The company chose to partner with Offsideggaming due in large part to Offsidegaming's devotion to providing gaming options to businesses and players in Latin American countries.

Inkabet's overall plan includes becoming a real powerhouse in South America's online gaming industry. Company officials have made clear their intent to deliver live casino and mobile gaming options throughout this region of the world. Peru is the first country among many other geographical options to be chosen for Inkabet's entry into this marketplace. By working with Offsidegaming to develop products specifically for the Latin America market, Inkabet hopes to become the largest adult gaming provider in the region.

Inkabet - Powered by Offsidegaming

As more countries begin passing laws that legalize all forms of online gambling, companies like Inkabet and Offsidegaming are poised to become leaders in the region. That should pay big dividends as other competition from around the world starts to tap into this new marketplace.

With a keen interest in sports like basketball, baseball and soccer, Inkabet believes sports betting will be a profitable endeavor among players who love their sports and are ready to be able to place legal wagers online. In the future, Inkabet will look to expand into countries like Mexico and Brazil. One thing is for sure, there are great financial rewards available for any company willing to take risks and reach out to new markets. To try Inkabet, click here and open a new account.




Inkabet - Powered by OffsidegamingPeru has launched its very first online sportsbook this week. Powered by Offsidegaming, the new Peruvian sportsbook Inkabet was designed and composed by a team of highly skilled operators with invaluable expertise in the Latin American sports betting gambling market.

Amongst some of the features Inkabet will host are a range of Offsidegaming’s products, found on their other online sports books sites across South America. As well as the online sports book, Inkabet is also hosting plenty of online slot and casino games, making them sure to be able to compete with most other large sportsbooks from the continent which also carry a range of other online gambling games on their sites, as well as the traditional sports betting options.

This is only phase one of Inkabet’s grand plan however. Not content with being the first official sportsbook in Peru, the company intends to release a live internet casino in the country as the second part of their agenda.

Also included in this second program is the possibility of a mobile gaming casino, also potentially a first for the South American country and something which will be in high demand if it ever gets off the ground.

Inkabet see Peru as an ideal market that is both young and full of opportunities. By aiming at an online gambling market that few have tapped into, they hope to become the dominant force behind sports betting in the country, as well as providing Peru with an unprecedented list of firsts for their online gambling industry, such as the mobile casino and sportsbook.

Offsidegaming are also said to be thrilled with the partnership with Inkabet, stating that time and time again they have proved themselves worthy allies in assisting new firms to get a grip in the Latin American market. Offsidegaming have dedicated themselves to serving this particular market and now wish to flex their muscles and showcase their abilities further with this new arrangement with Inkabet.

Originally started in 2008 as a B2B sports betting provider, Offsidegaming has expanded into mobile and internet betting casinos and sportsbooks and has been at the forefront of assisting casinos set up shop in the continent ever since. Their operations also extend into Central and Eastern Europe as well as the South American continent.

As well as the gaming power behind Inkabet’s operation, Offside gaming also provides the new business with fraud surveillance and monitoring teams, IT support and customer service assistants. To try Inkabet, click here and open a new account.


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