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Is called 'the roller' the new application for mobile gamers launched by Paddy Power


Paddy Power – one of the most famous online sportsbooks and gambling sites on the internet – has released a brand new mobile gaming application for both the iPad and iPhone platforms.

The Irish gambling company has released the new application; entitled The Roller, in the United Kingdom in a bid to tap into Apple’s estimated nine million users of their mobile gaming products.

Because it has been exclusively designed for the iPad and iPhone range of mobile gaming devices, The Roller has on screen touch functions and features that are specifically suited to gamers on those mobile gambling platforms. The app also includes unbelievable graphics (for a phone), awesome animations and the ability to transfer one’s music library directly into the application to play whilst your gamble.

The Roller Casino in action on mobile

The new Paddy Power application is one of the largest mobile phone and tablet applications to be launched to date, as it features up to nineteen classic casino games for gamers on the go to enjoy. Mobile casino gamers can expect to find blackjack, slots and roulette amongst their favorite classic games.

Paddy Power released a press statement earlier in the week praising their own decision to release the application. Mr. Nick Abrahams, who the managing director of the new Roller application stated that due to the massive market for mobile gaming, which is set to grow, it seemed about the right time for a company to release a real money mobile gaming application.

Mr. Abrahams continued by speaking about the popularity of applications in the everyday lives of customers and how popular they are. He claimed that the most popular apps are the ones that offer the best use of a device’s capabilities.

Paddy Power believes that their new Roller application is just that sort of app; and although there have been other mobile gambling applications released in the United Kingdom in the past, that this particular one will be most welcomed and best reviewed.

The Roller is currently on the market is absolutely free to download from Apple’s App store in the United Kingdom. There are no plans at the minute at Paddy Power, to release the application outside of the United Kingdom, and similarly, no plans to release the app onto other mobile gaming platforms such as the popular Android mobile gaming platform.

Because of its exclusive design, it seems impossible for a Android version to be made. Android users will instead wait for an Android-exclusive mobile gaming app from Paddy Power that will inevitably follow.