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October 25, 2014

Is Gambling Addiction an Hereditary Issue?


DNAThere are thousands of women and men all over the world who suffer from a gambling addiction form, and some of them have lost thousands of cold cash in a gambling contest. Some even lost their homes, jobs and precious possessions. To some, a gambling addiction is not a serious issue and could be rectified by a hard case of self control, but for others, this is dramatic as drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

Up until recently, it was believed that only men could have traces of gambling addiction in their gene pool, meaning that it was no fault of their own, and thus the dependency was inevitable. Curiously, some scientists that made the breakthrough, are now saying that are emerging an unknown number of people who, instead of change their behavior, are more likely to give the blame to their gene pool, as excuse to avoid to face the problems of their dependency.

This research has also been extended to women

The study was conducted by the University of Missouri and the Institute of Medical Research in Australia, and the results found that women may also carry the gambling addiction gene, meaning that men and women are now susceptible to inevitable gambling issues.

Since this has now been discovered via the route of science, there is no arguing with it and now some are saying that serious relationships between pathological players of the opposite sex, could lead to further problems. If a man and woman who have met via their gambling addiction, develop a romantic relationship and they decide to have a family, then, it's supposed that their children will born with the gambling addiction's gene.

This new research may be one of the reasons of why some governors are now calling for the ban of gambling in the US, by preventing that any more cases of gambling addiction would reported. No one will know the outcome of the gambling laws, after the results collected by such research.

Overall, it’s a terrible shame for some, to know that a gambling addiction could be inevitable and could happen without choice. Scientists and researchers are saying that the 'genetic inheritance' related on gambling, should not be used as an excuse to lose everything meaningful to you, and that if you have a gambling problem, to forget that could be a genetic issue, and to recognize and rectify the addiction immediately. There are support groups available to addicts that can help.

The gambling addiction could devastate relationships between friends and families. But, start to gamble is a choice, and no one forces anyone into doing it. For those who are aware that a gambling addiction may be in their gene pool, they should avoid gambling at any costs, at least until they have investigated on their genetic inheritance.


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