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November 30, 2013

Italy gets a Maltese provider for online version of land-based casino


The Casino Sanremo (Italy)An Italian land based casino has entered the lucrative world of online gambling by creating its own online casino with the help of Maltese technology provider. The Casino Sanremo has announced the deal with Media Live of Malta, to provide a live dealer online casino for players to enjoy. That's a really brilliant move, considering that many land-based casinos struggle to compete with their digital opponents in an ever changing gambling world.

At present it is understood that the live casino hoping to be launched by the Italian land based casino, would certainly serve the same offerings as the Casino Sanremo and not be a separate entity entirely. It is thought that Media Live have been called in by the Casino SanRemo in order to utilize their live dealer gambling technology and to power a live dealer stream from inside the Casino Sanremo itself.

It is felt that there would be very few difficulties in the move happening, as the Maltese gambling technology provider is already in possession of an Italian AAMS license allowing them to produce online gambling software in the Mediterranean country. One key aspect of the live dealer technology is, for the Casino San Remo, to portray their live dealer in a utopia of beautiful settings and scenery designed to emphasize the beauty and significance of this popular, highly visited Italian land based casino.

As part of the agreement between the two parties, the Casino San Remo live dealer stream, will also be offered to other Media Live licensees, further generating interest in the Italian Casino and providing Media Live with extra interest also. The President of the Casino Sanremo, Giuseppe Di Meco, has hinted that future could be even bigger once the Casino Sanremo's online live dealer casino will be launched. He speculated that there could be many more games added to the site to give it a wider appeal in the near future.

The deal is said to also excite Media Live, who are anticipating a major response from the online community. Angelo De Gobbi, Sales and Marketing Manager at Media Live, has stated that online casinos may no longer be seen as rivals after the Casino San Remo live dealer goes online, and that the Casino Sanremo has shown considerable far-sightedness.


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